Ben Wheatley

United Kingdom, 2019 / 95 min / English OV with French subt. (EN OV with FR subt.) / Black comedy

In collaboration with Critic on Demand & Cinémathèque

Colin, a stressed fortysomething father, has rented an English country house so that his scattered family can spend New Year's Eve together. Assorted friends and family members duly check in, all grumbling about the long drive – among them, Colin’s cash-strapped parents Gordon and Sandy, his sister Gini, and uncle Jimmy, bristling with personal and political rage. Unknown to everyone, Gini has invited her and Colin’s long-estranged brother David, and not necessarily with reconciliation in mind.With everyone having their own issues – including bumptious family friend and semi-gate crasher Sham – or having unfinished emotional and financial business with each other, it’s a sure thing that sparks will fly before the first verse of ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

Shot in less than two weeks with a burning feeling of emergency, this Festen for the 21st century blasts the serenity of the British countryside and the landscape of a dysfunctional – and totally recognisable – family, with the painful sarcasm that is part and parcel of every revelation of truth.


Fri 15/03 20:00 Cinémathèque EN OV with FR subt. Public

A poignant, bittersweet snapshot of contemporary British life.”  Hannah Woodhead, Little White Lies, 30/12/2018

“Scene by scene, this film is simmering with a crackling atmosphere of impending doom”. Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 13/10/2018

Cast & Credits
Neil Maskell, Sam Riley, Joe Cole, Mark Monero, Charles Dance, Hayley Squires, Asim Chaudhry, Doon Mackichan, Bill Paterson, Sarah Baxendale, Sudha Buchar, Sura Dohnke, Vincent Ebrahim, Peter Ferdinando, Richard Glover, Alexandra Maria Lara
Ben Wheatley
Laurie Rose
Martin Pavey
Alexandra Slade
Clint Mansell
Rook Films, BBC Films

Initially a short film director and animator, Ben Wheatley, born in 1972 in Great Britain, gained a cult audience thanks to his work in viral videos, animatios and games. Between 2006-09 he directed episodes of TV comedy for the BBC. In 2009 Wheatley directed his feature debut Down Terrace. His follow up, Sightseers (2012), was selected in the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes. He has also directed several episodes of Doctor Who. Happy New Year, Colin Burstead (2018) is his eighth feature film and the third to be screened at Luxembourg City Film Festival, after Free Fire (2016) in 2017 and High-Rise (2015) in 2016.


  • 2018 – Happy New Year, Colin Burstead
  • 2018 – Strange Angel (TV series) (1 episode)
  • 2016 – Free Fire
  • 2015 – High-Rise
  • 2014 – Doctor Who – Into the Dalek (TV episode)
  • 2014 – Doctor Who – Deep Breath (TV episode)
  • 2013 – A Field in England
  • 2012 – Sightseers
  • 2012 – The ABC’s of Death – U is for Unearthed (segment of an anthology)
  • 2011 – Kill List
  • 2011 – Burge & Way
  • 2010 – Ideal – The Housewarming (TV episodes)
  • 2009 – Down Terrace
  • 2009 – Steve Coogan: The Inside Story
  • 2008 – The Wrong Door (TV episodes)
  • 2008 – Modern Toss (TV episodes)
  • 2007 – Comedy: Shuffle – Amazing Wizard Ben (TV episode)
  • 2007 – Comedy: Shuffle – Amazing Wizard Ben (TV episode)
  • 2006 – Rob Loves Kerry (short)