Paul Anton Smith

United Kingdom, Canada , 2016 / 136 min / English OV / Adventure, Comedy, Romance

A feast for film fans, Have You Seen My Movie? is compiled from scenes in which characters go to the cinema in classic films.

An enthralling montage of magical moments of cinema-going extracted from movie history exploring the entire film-going experience: underage boys attempting to get into a cinema to see some bare flesh; pretentious debates in the queues; loading choices onto trays and of course the trailers and main feature. Films of every genre play as lovers meet, criminals hide in the dark and rapt audiences watch on.

Clips from over 1000 scenes of films traversing the Golden Age of Hollywood, British Classics and Italian Neorealism come together in touching and emotional piece of filmmaking. All in all, this fascinating compilation picture from a debuting director is a true delicacy for film gourmets. It’s a film about what fascinates us about cinema and what catches our attention. Have You Seen My Movie? is an original tribute to the seventh art.


Cast & Credits
Paul Anton Smith
Ben Hurd, Tom Sedgwick, Paul Anton Smith, Christian Curtis
Paul Anton Smith
Paul Anton Smith

Paul Anton Smith is a London-based filmmaker and visual artist originally from Canada. He has previously worked as assistant editor on visual artist Christian Marclay’s 24-hour video installation The Clock (2010) which won the Golden Lion at the 54th Venice Biennale, as well as Lead Animator of Christian Marclay’s Surround Sounds (2015) and, most recently, Six New Animations (2016). Have You Seen My Movie? (2016) is his feature debut and premiered at the London Film Festival.

  • 2016 - Have You Seen My Movie?