Javier Ambrossi, Javier Calvo

Spain , 2017 / 108 min / Spanish OV with English subt. / Musical

The film adaptation of the Spanish hit musical! When two teen rebels find God in a glittery suit through the songs of Whitney Houston. 

María and Susana are two rebellious teens who spend their summer in a camp run by nuns. They live there with Mother Superior Bernarda, an older nun looking to modernise, and Sister Milagros, a young nun who is filled with doubt. When God, bedecked in a glittery suit, begins appearing to María and asking for her faith via Whitney Houston classics, the young singer must weigh the calling of faith against more earthly desires. With music as their common denominator, teen rebellion and ecclesiastic order collide, creating a hymn to freedom and first love.

Holy Camp is a joyous reminder that while music makes miracles, the greatest miracle is simply being who you are. The musical the film is based on became a cult classic in Spain after its initial release in 2013, praised by El País and winning 11 Broadway World Spain Awards. After shows in over 30 cities in Spain, it toured the world with adaptations in Moscow, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.


Fri 23/02 21:00 Ciné Utopia ES OV with EN subt. Public
  • Best Trailer, Feroz Awards, 2018 (Spain)
  • Best Comedy Film, Feroz Award, 2018 (Spain)
Cast & Credits
Macarena García, Anna Castillo, Belén Cuesta, Gracia Olayo, Richard Collins-Moore, María Isabel Díaz, Secun de la Rosa, Víctor Elías, Esti Quesada, Mar Corzo, Loli Pascua
Javier Ambrossi, Javier Calvo, d’après leur comédie musicale du même nom
Migue Amoedo
Tamara Arévalo
Roger Bellés
Apache Films, Sábado Películas, Lo hacemas y ya vemos

Javier Ambrossi (*1984) and Javier Calvo (*1991) are Spanish actors, stage and film directors. Ambrossi graduated in Journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid and studied Dramaturgy at the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático. He had several supporting roles in Spanish TV series, but is best known for creating the musical La Llamada together with Javier Calvo, co-director of the film adaptation Holy Camp! (2017). Calvo rose to fame as a TV actor, starring in the successful series Física o Química since 2008. They co-wrote two theatre pieces in 2012 and created the TV series Paquitas Salas which has since been picked up by Netflix.

  • 2017 – La Llamada
  • 2016 – Paquita Salas (TV series)