Markus Dietrich

Germany, Luxembourg, 2018 / 95 min / German OV (DE OV) / comedy, adventure, fantasy

A young girl must put her newly gained superhero skills to the test.

Following an accident in her scientist mother's laboratory with the new wonder fluid NT26D, 12-year-old Sue – who is a bit of a lone wolf – suddenly has the power to become invisible. So when Sue's mother is kidnapped right before her very eyes, she is just the girl for the job. With the help of her new friends, Tobi and Kaya, and empowered by her newly gained super hero skills, Sue sets off to rescue her mother, unmask the conspiracy behind her disappearance and bring the truth behind the serum to light.


Cast & Credits
Ruby M. Lichtenberg, Victoria Mayer, Luc Schiltz, Jeanne Werner, Patrick Hastert, Anna Shirin Habedank, Catherine Janke, Lui Eckardt, Lotte Tscharntke, Tatja Seibt, Stephanie Stremler, Anouk Wagener, Larisa Faber, Eugénie Anselin, Roland Gelhausen
Markus Dietrich
Ralf Noack
Marc Meusinger
Stephan von Tresckow
André Dziezuk
Ostlicht Filmproduktion, Amouor Fou Luxembourg
Amour Fou

Markus Dietrich, born 1979 in Strausberg near Berlin, first studied drama and modern history at the Free University of Berlin, then enrolled in media design at the Bauhaus University in Weimar in 2002. In 2006 he won the Murnau Short Film Award for his short film Outsourcing (2006). From 2009 to 2011, Markus Dietrich worked as a director at the Thalia Theater in Halle. Sputnik (2013), based on his short Teleportation (2009), was his debut feature film and was nominated at the Deutscher Filmpreis as Best Children’s Film. Invisible Sue (2018) is his third feature, following the made-for-television fairytale film Prinz Himmelblau und Fee Lupine (2016).

  • 2018 – Invisible Sue
  • 2016 – Prinz Himmelblau und Fee Lupine
  • 2013 – Sputnik
  • 2013- 2016 – Schloss Einstein (28 episodes of the TV series)
  • 2010 – Eine feste Burg (short)
  • 2009 – Teleportation (short)
  • 2009 – Modell Bauhaus (mini series)
  • 2009 – Das Bauhaus kommt aus Weimar (documentary)
  • 2008 – Mein Robodad (short)
  • 2007 – Hans Zwimpfer – Ein Gegenmodell (documentary)
  • 2007 – Outsourcing (short)
  • 2006 – Samis Geschenk (short)
  • 2006 – Weißer Sand (short)
  • 2005 – Teddy (short)
  • 2005 – Die Clique (mini series)
  • 2004 – Auf der Landstraße (short)
  • 2004 – Flieg mich zum Mond (short)
  • 2003 – Sag mir, wo du stehst (short)