Saeed Roustaee

Iran, 2019 / 134 min / Persian OV with French or English subt. / action, crime, drama

A police detective frantically tries to pin down an influential drug lord as Iranian drug consumption keeps on rising at an alarming rate.

When Samad started out on the anti-narcotics police task force in Tehran, there were roughly 1 million drug users in Iran. Despite repressive zero-tolerance policies, uncountable arrests, prison sentences and even hangings, that number has soared to 6.5 million. Samad has seen his share of a drug dealer’s lies and games, and his patience is running thin. Disillusioned and embittered, Samad and his partner Hamid are after an infamous drug kingpin, Nasser Khakzad. Using rough and dubious methods, they finally track him down to his penthouse – but things do not go according to plan. Samad comes to realise that the issues at the root of the Iranian drug problem run much deeper than just one single drug lord.

Just 6.5 shows a side of Iran seldom covered by Iranian cinema. The number of addicts is increasing exponentially. It's like fighting the sea for the drugs squad, Roustaee reveals in a police film in which every character is layered and believable, even the bad guy.” International Film Festival Rottderdam

“A riveting, ripped-from-reality thriller that delivers a searing look at a serious problem.” Peter Debruge, Variety, 07/11/19

Fri 13/03 21:15 Ciné Utopia Persian OV with FR subt. Public
Sat 14/03 20:30 Cinémathèque Persian OV with EN subt. Public

"Like Iranian master Asghar Farhadi (A Separation), Roustaee blends the best of Eastern and Western cinematic traditions. The result – a stunning Iranian-style riff on The French Connection – is a run-and-gun, Hollywood-caliber cop movie grounded by a clear-eyed assessment of how Tehran’s system works, and all the ways in which it doesn’t." Peter Debruge, Variety, 07/11/19

“More than a thrilling watch. It is a sobering reflection on the inability of the law to stem the tide of drug addiction through round-ups, arrests and executions.” Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter, 29/04/19

  • Best Editing, Fajr Film Festival, 2019 (Iran)
  • Best Sound Recording, Fajr Film Festival, 2019 (Iran)
  • Audience Award for the Best Film, Fajr Film Festival, 2019 (Iran)
  • Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture for Payman Maadi & Navid Mohammadzadeh, Hafez Ceremony, 2019 (Iran)
  • Best Motion Picture, Hafez Ceremony, 2019 (Iran)
  • Best Director – Motion Picture, Hafez Ceremony, 2019 (Iran)
  • Best Cinematography – Motion Picture, Hafez Ceremony, 2019 (Iran)
  • Best Director, Tokyo International Film Festival, 2019 (Japan)
  • Best Actor, Tokyo International Film Festival, 2019 (Japan)
  • Special Mention for an International Feature Film, Zurich Film Festival, 2019 (Switzerland)
Cast & Credits
Payman Maadi, Navid Mohammadzadeh, Hooman Kiaie, Parinaz Izadyar, Farhad Aslani, Maziar Seyedi, Ali Bagheri
Saeed Roustaee
Hooman Behmanesh
Amir-Hossein Ghasemi
Mohsen Nasrollahi
Peyman Yazdanian
Boshra Film
Iranian Independents

Saeed Roustaee is a filmmaker and screenwriter born in Tehran, Iran in 1989. He graduated in Art and Cinema Direction from the Soureh Film Collegey and directed 3 short films and a documentary for which he received more than 100 awards. His work primarily focuses on social injustice within Iranian society. His debut narrative feature, Life and A Day (2016) recived 9 awards at Tehran’s Fajr Film Festival, as well as the awards for the Best Script and Best Film of Iran's Film Critics and Writers Association. His second narrative feature Just 6.5 (2019) was a box-office hit in its home country and won the Audience Award at Fajr Film Festival, the awards for the Best Director at Tokyo International Film Festival, as well as a Special Mention for an International Feature Film at the Zurich Film Festival. It premiered in Venice where it has been warmly received.

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