La Civil (La Civil)

Teodora Mihai

Belgium, Mexico, Romania, 2021 / 145 min / Spanish OV with Dutch and French subt. / Thriller, Drama

La Civil tells the story of Cielo, a mother in search of her daughter, abducted by a criminal cartel in Northern Mexico. As the authorities fail to offer support in the search, Cielo takes matters into her own hands. She begins her investigation and earns the trust and sympathy of Lamarque, an unconventional army Lieutenant working in the region. He agrees to help Cielo in her search, because her research data could be useful to his operations as well. Cielo’s collaboration with Lamarque will pill her further into a vicious cycle of violence. The story was inspired by true events. 

Wed 06/10 19:30 Ciné Utopia VO ES avec sst. NL, FR

“Extremely well written (with its increasingly relentless levels of discovery, with suspicions and revelations as so many bad surprises), La Civil takes all the time it rightly needs to accompany the evolution of Cielo’s perception of the situation, the spectator being, at each step, exactly at the same level of ignorance as this courageous mother determined to dig by any means necessary to know the truth. The talent of Romanian director of photography Marius Panduru adds to this very mature first feature offering an excellent balance between psychological portrait, action film (bullets fly at regular intervals) and citizen work of denunciation and call for individual empowerment to fight against the criminal taking hostage of an entire country.” – Fabien Lemercier, Cine Europa, 10/07/2021

Cast & Credits
Arcelia Ramírez, Alvaro Guerrero, Jorge A. Jimenez, Ayelén Muzo, Juan Daniel García, Eligio Meléndez, Mónica del Carmen, Mercedes Hernández
Marius Panduru
Federico González / Valérie le Docte
Claudio Castelli
Jean-Stéphane Garbe
Menuetto Film, Mobra Films, One For The Road, Teorema, Les Films du Fleuve
Cinéart, Urban Distribution International, Les Films du Fleuve

Teodora Ana Mihai was born in Bucharest, Romania, under Ceausescu’s regime. In 1989 she came to Belgium and was reunited with her parents, who had fled the year before.

In junior high, the opportunity arose to study in California and Teodora completed the last two years of high school at the French American International High School in San Francisco. Soon, inspired by her father’s previous passion for photography and the artistic environment of San Francisco she found that she wanted to explore reality through image and sound. It all started with film and video workshops geared toward teenagers, which led to a true passion for the seventh art. Teodora went on to study at Sarah Lawrence College in Upstate New York. Upon returning to Belgium, she first started working in the industry as a script supervisor and assistant director, followed by a stint in the TV industry. However, the desire to work on her own projects was so strong that she decided to shift focus and dedicate herself entirely to this. Her films take on the challenge of striking a balance between social relevance and audio-visual poetry. 

After directing the award-winning documentary “Waiting for August”, which was nominated for the European Film Awards in 2014, Teodora became a member of the European Film Academy. She continues her film work with enthusiasm, currently developing with her Belgian based company One for the Road, two features set in Mexico, in collaboration with Mexican writer Habacuc Antonio de Rosario: “La Civil” and “Los Olvidables”. 

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