Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake

Benito Zambrano

Spain, Luxembourg, 2021 / 118 min / Spanish OV with English subtitles / Drama

With the presence of actresses Elia Galera and Eva Martin and actor Tommy Schlesser

In a small town located on the island of Mallorca, Anna and Marina, two sisters who were separated when they were teenagers, meet again to sell a bakery they’ve inherited from a mysterious woman they know nothing about. The two sisters have led very different lives. Anna has barely left the island and is unhappily married to a man she no longer loves. Marina travels the world working as a doctor for an NGO. As the sisters try to uncover the secrets hidden behind their enigmatic benefactor and her property, they are forced to confront old family disputes and make up for lost time.

Fri 11/03 21:00 Ciné Utopia ES OV with ENG subt. Public

"A moving, beautiful feature, which is proud of its essence as a melodrama with a classical flavour to it." Alfonso Rivera, Cineuropa, 05/11/2021

  • Official selection, Seville Film Festival, 2021 (Spain)
Cast & Credits
Elia Galera, Eva Martín, Tommy Schlesser, Marilu Marini, Claudia Faci, Pere Arquillué
Benito Zambrano, Cristina Campos
Filmax, Deal Productions, La Perifèrica Produccions
Deal Productions

Benito Zambrano was born in Lebrija in 1965. After studying dramatic arts in Seville for three years and also working for television, he decided to go for film making and received a scholarship to study in San Antonio de Los Baños, Cuba. He graduated as script writer and director, and filmed his first shorts. When he got back, and after a tough search of funding, he shot his first feature film, Solas (1999), an austere film debut which changed his life after receiving several Goya Awards –among them, the Best New Director and Best Original Script awards–. The film became a hit among audiences. Then came Padre coraje (2002), a whole success and an experience for its producer, and later on came Habana Blues (2005). Zambrano has again triumphed in different festivals and has powered his actors to stardom in 2011, with La voz dormida.
Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake is his latest film.