Dieter Schumann

Germany, 2020 / 95 min / German OV / Documentary

In the presence of the director Dieter Schumann

Seven-year-old Lene spends a magical holiday in the Bavarian forest.

Seven-year-old Lene from Mecklenburg really isn’t in the mood for summer holidays in the Bavarian forest, with nothing but trees, mountains and local children who speak an extremely funny dialect. All of this because her father wants to paint nature. Don't all leaves look the same? But then there’s the tale of “Waldpeter" who disappeared from the village one day and is now supposedly trapped in the "grotto of sleeping souls", only to be freed once all the secrets of the forest have been revealed. Grandma Henriette, on the other hand, shows Lene an enchanted little house where "Wald-Ursel" once lived before she vanished into the lush green undergrowth. With all these mysteries to be solved, the woods seem a lot less boring. And after meeting the charming “Obelix of the Woods” and a cool young ranger, Lene begins to see the nature with different eyes. Her new friends teach her Bavarian rap, show her the best hiding places in the forest, climb trees like squirrels, pet bees and donkeys with her, and even organise turtle races. By the end of a summer full of adventures Lene will understand the fascinating sides of this habitat and have unveiled all of nature’s secrets.


The screening on 08/03 at 9:30 at Kinepolis Kirchberg had to be replaced by an online screening. The screnning on 09/03 at 9:30 AM unfortunately had to be cancelled.

Cast & Credits
Dieter Schumann, Grit Lemke
Thomas Riedelsheimer, Rainer M. Schulz
Kai Ziakowski
Sven E. Brandt, Hans Jörg Eberle, Marc Bohnacker
Basthorster Filmmanufaktur
Basthorster Filmmanufaktur

Dieter Schumann was born in Ludwigslust in the German region of Mecklenburg. After a couple of years as a sailor for the East German merchant navy, he went on to study film direction at HFF Babelsberg. From 1983 to 1991 he worked as a director for the DEFA documentary film studio in Berlin. In 1989, his documentary whisper & SHOUT, a road movie about the East German rock music scene, premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and attracted over a million viewers throughout its theatrical run, writing German documentary film history. From 1991 to 2001, he was the head of the Landesfilmzentrum Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and became a driving force behind the setting up of the cultural film promotion and funding in the Land. In 2002, Dieter Schumann returned to filmmaking and founded the Basthorster Filmmanufaktur where he has been working ever since as an author, director and producer. The main themes of his extensive documentary work are portraits of people, their work, the environment and music.

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