Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, USA, 2020 / 41 min / French version / Animation

My first time at the movies – Small children discover animation cinema


Six tales about the world of sleep and night for the little ones.

A story, a hug, a good bed – you don’t need much to sleep well! These bedtime stories about the world of sleep and the night have been put together especially for our youngest audiences: From the hectic life of a paper man who sleeps soundly every night, a little mouse who love to read at night, a turtle who can’t wait to hibernate, an anglerfish scared of the dark, a raccoon playing with a lamp and a boy who wants to sow a golden seed. An ode to dreams and the calm of night is waiting for you in this short film programme!

The programme consists of the following films:

  • Mister Paper goes out for a walk (Meneer Papier gaat uit wandelen) by Ben Tesseur, Steven De Beul  (BE, NL, 2017 – 9’)
  • Petite Étincelle by Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, Julie Rembauville (FR, 2019 – 3’)
  • The Turtle That Wanted To Sleep (La tortuga que quería dormir) by Pascual Pérez Porcar (ES, 2008 – 12’)
  • Anglerfish (Anglerfisch) by Julia Ocker (DE, 2018 – 4’)
  • Raccoon and the Light by Hanna Kim (US, 2018 – 4’)
  • Tale of a Seed by Yawen Zheng (US, 2017 – 9’)

The school screenings on 04/03 AM at 10:30, on 08/03 at 8:45 AM, on 10/03 at 10:30 AM, on 11/03 at 10:30 and on 12/03 at 11:00 AM unfortunately had to be cancelled.

Sun 07/03 14:00 Ciné Utopia FR Public
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