Marcela Rincón González

Colombia, Uruguay, 2017 / 76 min / French version (FR) / animation, adventure

Lila, a children’s book character trapped in the real world, must find her way back home.

Lila, a character in a children's story book, suddenly falls out of her paper world and ends up trapped in a place she doesn't belong: the real world. The only person who can save her is the book’s owner, Ramón, a little boy who loved reading Lila’s story a few years ago. But it’s not going to be easy: Ramón has grown up and no longer cares about reading. To get home, Lila must convince him start reading again but can she restore his sense of wonder and imagination too? Together they face a dangerous journey to the Desert of Lost Memories to retrieve Lila's lost book and ensure her way home.

“The border that divides storybooks from everyday life dissolves in Colombian writer-director Marcela Rincón González’s marvellous animated adventure about a very special girl trying to find her way home. Lila’s Book is a tale of faith, memory and mystery, moving between worlds to discover the beauty of friendship and the comforts of coming home.” Miami Film Festival, 2018


“The plot for Lila’s Book was clearly inspired by a sentence from Michael Ende’s fantasy novel The Neverending Story (1979). Rincón found inspiration after reading the contemporary classic and wondering what happens to book characters when nobody reads the book in which they are featured. […] Music was another key element in defining the identity of the film. Black, indigenous elements from the Pacific Colombian region’s musical tradition, such as the marimba instrument, and the voice of prominent Afro-Colombian musician Leonor González Mina […] blend in symphony.” Samuel Locuviche, Cartoon Brew, 28/09/2017

Cast & Credits
(original voices): María Sofía Montoya Solera, Antoine Philippart Marín, Estefanía Beatriz Duque Giraldo, Leonor González Mina, Jorge Enrique Herrera Perdomo
(French voices): Adeline Chetail, Cathy Cerda, Julie Etropie, Sofiane Fischer, Fabrice Colombero, Luca Tonnerieux, Marguerite Raybau
Marcela Rincón González
Juan Felipe Rayo Sanchez
Tatiana Espitia López, Daniel Murillo Gómez
Juan Andrés Otálora Castro
Fosfenos Media
Palermo Estudio
Sola Media
Ulises de Jesús Ramos

Marcela Rincón González was born in 1978 in Popayán, Colombia. She studied Social Communication and Journalism, before specialising in screenwriting for cinema and television at the University of Valle. She worked on documentaries and as an assistant director on feature fiction films,. She has also taught screenwriting at the School of Communications and Language of the Pontifical Xavierian University in Cali. She is the co-founder of production company Fosfenos Media, where she produced several children’s television series and short films. In 2007, she directed the short El pescador de estrellas which went on to win the UNICEF Award for Best Short, Best Script and Best Director at the Festival Latinoamericano de Cortos in Venezuela. Lila’s Book (2017) is her first animated feature film.

  • 2017 – El libro de Lila
  • 2007 – El pescador de estrellas (short)