LOMO: The Language of Many Others

Julia Langhof

Germany, 2017 / 101 min / German OV / Drama

School Screening - Non-Festival

What if your social media followers controlled your life?

Karl is about to finish high school. He spends most of his time on his blog, "The Language of Many Others", collecting photographs and videos and compiling them into series. When Karl falls in love with Doro, he thinks he finally knows what he wants. But Karl's luck is short-lived and Doro loses interest. Disillusioned, he starts playing a dangerous game with his followers who take increasingly more control of his life, making decisions for him, and eventually ruling over matters of life and death.

A refreshingly un-preachy thriller about how digital media affect the development of young people’s identity, growing up publicly on social networks, about a process in which the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds are slowly becoming blurred.


Mon 13/05 09:00 Ciné Scala, Diekirch - DE OV - Scolaire
Tue 14/05 09:00 KulturFabrik, Esch-sur-Alzette - DE OV - Scolaire

“Just as impressive as the twisty, engrossing narrative and the committed performances, is the fact that Langhof has hit on a dynamic, layered aesthetic that combines the multiple-sensory input of social media (video, audio, emoji, text) with more traditional scene-making. And yet the images, shot in a rich, saturated palette, feel neither chaotic (except when explicitly meant to signal overload) nor stultifying literal. Many a more experienced filmmaker would be wise to take note that there are other ways to shoot a text-based conversation than by cutting to close-ups of keyboards, screens and blinking cursors”. Jessica Kiang, Variety, 03/07/2017

“This is a story that isn’t powered by technophilia or technophobia, but that takes these new online arenas — in which teenagers get to make the mistakes they’ve always made but in a more public forum than ever before — as a simple fact in a new world. If it is a kind of techno-morality play it’s a gratifyingly un-preachy one, suggesting that social media is simply another place for tribal teenage anomie to flourish on its painful path to maturity, because after all this time and all this progress, growing up still has no roadmap: you can’t avoid it, you can’t control it and you sure as hell can’t crowdsource it”. Jessica Kiang, Variety, 03/07/2017

"Undoubtedly, LOMO – The Language of Many Others is a very different and refreshing film; most of all, it is also a movie conditioned by the experience of the younger generation, which manifests itself in new modes and new ways of cinematic storytelling". Tina Poglajen, Cineuropa, 23/10/2017

  • German Cinema New Talent Award for Best Screenplay, Filmfest Munich, 2017 (Germany)
  • Götz-George-Nachwuchspreis (Best Actor), First Steps, 2017 (Germany)
  • Michael-Ballhaus-Preis (Best Camera), First Steps, 2017 (Germany)
Cast & Credits
Jonas Dassler, Lucie Hollmann, Eva Nürnberg, Karl Alexander Seidel, Peter Jordan, Marie-Lou Sellem, Julika Jenkins, Rainer Sellien, Barbara Philipp
Thomas Gerhold, Julia Langhof
Michal Grabowski
Gregor Arnold, Magnus Pflüger, Philipp Bitter
Stephan von Tresckow
Torsten Reibold
Flare Film
cine plus Filmproduktion, BASIS BERLIN Filmproduktion
Flare Film

Julia Langhof was born in 1981 in Berlin. From 2001-2003, she studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York, then returned to Berlin and worked as an assistant stage director and enrolled at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. Several of her short films were selected for international festivals, including the Hof International Film Festival and Cannes. LOMO: The Language of Many Others (2017) is her debut feature, premiering at the Filmfest Munich.

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