Beatriz Seigner

Brazil, France, Colombia, 2018 / 89 min / Spanish OV with English subt. (ES OV with EN subt.) / Drama

A family fleeing armed conflict arrives on an island populated by ghosts.

Nuria, 12, Fabio, 9, and their mother Amparo arrive on a small, remote island in the middle of the Amazon River at the border of Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Refugees of the Colombian armed conflict in which their father disappeared, the family scrape by on next to nothing, endlessly waiting to receive compensation for his death and a visa to emigrate to Brazil. But one day, Amparo’s husband reappears in their new house. His unexpected arrival leads to yet another discovery. The family is haunted by this strange secret and discover that the island is peopled with ghosts.

“The film raises two questions which are crucial to me: how do we survive the loss of a loved one, and is it possible to forgive those who are responsible for that loss?” Director’s statement by Beatriz Seigner


Sat 16/03 19:00 Cinémathèque ES OV with EN subt. Public

“Meditative and moving.”  Leslie Felperin, Hollywood Reporter, 11/05/2018

As quietly affecting as its title implies, Beatriz Seigner's artful sophomore film brings a supernatural twist to a study of refugee crisis. […]Los silencios poignantly articulates how war can make ghosts of its victims well before they die. […] Seigner balances social realism and shivery paranormal activity with arresting, uncontrived ease. These fine shifts in tone and genre are rendered in exquisitely evolving visual terms, notably in Oggioni’s tight control of a color palette that expands incrementally from the waterlogged earth tones of the island to eye-searing bursts of soda-pop fluorescents: by the deeply moving climax, which blurs a host of human boundaries both cultural and mortal, the film is blazingly alight.” Guy Lodge, Variety, 18/05/2018

  • Special Jury Prize, Lima Latin American Film Festival, 2018 (Peru)
  • Jury Prize – Best Screenplay, Lima Latin American Film Festival, 2018 (Peru)
  • Special Jury Special Prize, Kerala International Film Festival, 2018 (India)
  • Impact Award, Stockholm Film Festival, 2018 (Sweden)
  • Special Mention of the Jury, War on Screen International Festival of Cinema, 2018 (France)
  • Student Jury Award, War on Screen International Festival of Cinema, 2018 (France)
Cast & Credits
Marleyda Soto, Enrique Diaz, María Paula Tabares Peña, Adolfo Savilvino, Doña Albina, Yerson Castellanos, Astrid Fernanda López Martínez, Alida Pandurro
Beatriz Seigner
Sofia Oggioni
Fernando Henna, Daniel Turini
Marcela Gómez
Nascuy Linares
Miriade Filmes, Enquadramento Produções, Ciné-Sud Promotion, Diafragma
Pyramide International

Beatriz Seigner is a Brazilian screenwriter and director. In 2009, she directed Bollywood Dream (2009), the first coproduction between Brazil and India which was selected in over 20 international film festivals (Busan, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, São Paulo, among others). Los silencios (2018) is her second feature. Beatriz Seigner has recently directed a documentary, currently in post-production, Between Us, A Secret, about West-African storytellers, the so-called griots, and is co-writing the script of Walter Salles’s developing film La contadora de películas, based on the eponymous book by Hernán Rivera Letelier.

  • 2018 – Los silencios
  • 2010 – Bollywood Dream – O Sonho Bollywoodiano