Ryan Prows

USA, 2017 / 96 min / English and Spanish OV with English subt. / Comedy, Crime, Drama

Carte Blanche Cinélunatique

The sordid lives of an addict, an ex-con, and a luchador.

The story follows several desperate seedy characters who all have ties to Teddy, a local mass murdering crime boss and white slaver who kidnaps and murders illegal immigrants for their organs. El Monstruo is a failed luchador who never breaks character, suffers from violent blackouts and works as Teddy's top henchman while trying to ignore the various horrifying aspects of the job. He's expecting a baby with Kaylee, a woman given as child to Teddy by her mother Crystal. Keith is Teddy's accountant who committed a crime in his younger days but never served time since his best friend Randy took the blame and went to prison for him. Eleven years later, Randy is finally leaving prison and Keith picks him up only to discover that during his time inside Randy has become a paradoxically different person.

Fri 02/03 21:30 Cinémathèque EN & ES OV with EN subt. Public

“Mix the insane violence and weaving vignettes of Pulp Fiction with the seedy underbelly of Breaking Bad, and you have Ryan Prows’ directorial debut, Lowlife, a messy but ultimately interesting look at a group of downtrodden individuals who get mixed up in an organ harvesting scheme”. Jamie Righetti, IndieWire, 21/07/2017

Sometimes, a great film comes out of nowhere heralding a strong new voice - or in some cases, voices. I've found that the best directors raise up their teams along with them, and so it is with the helmer of a certain grimy, indie thriller making the rounds. The film in question is packed to the brim with everything that's wrong, but cinematically, so damn right! […] I have a feeling that Lowlife is well on its way to becoming a cult classic”. Michele "Izzy" Galgana, Screenanarchy, 4/08/2017

  • Special Mention, Fantasia Film Festival, 2017 (Canada)
  • Special Jury Prize, Fantasia Film Festival, 2017 (Canada)
Cast & Credits
Nicki Micheaux, Ricardo Adam Zarate, Jon Oswald, Shaye Ogbonna, Santana Dempsey
Tim Cairo, Jake Gibson, Shaye Ogbonna, Ryan Prows, Maxwell Michael Towson
Benjamin Kitchens
Owen Granich-Young, Brett Hinton
Callie Andreadis
Pepijn Caudron
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Ryan Prows is a filmmaker, a Southerner, and a gentleman of the highest caliber. He received an MFA in Directing from the American Film Institute and won a Student Academy Award in 2012 for his film Narcocorrido (2011). Lowlife (2017) is his debut feature film. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife Megan, a foppish dandy of a dog, and an alright cat.

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  • 2005 - Gunmetal Grey (short)
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