Quentin Dupieux

France, Belgium, 2020 / 77 min / French OV / Comedy, Fantasy

LuxFilmLab – 4th November

Two simple-minded friends try to train a giant fly found in the trunk of their car.

Two simple-minded friends, Manu and Jean-Gab, are surprised to hear scratching noises coming from the back of their stolen car. When they open the boot, they discover a giant fly trapped inside. After lovingly naming the fly Dominique, they decide to train it in the hope of making a ton of cash. Dominique quickly inspires Manu and Jean-Gab to come up with many more stupid ideas that lead to crazy coincidences, strange places, and encounters with puppies and fascinatingly weird people.

Wed 04/11 20:30 Ciné Utopia FR OV Avant-première

“Enter a giant fly, perpetually hungry and named “Dominique” a few cans of cat food later. As deliciously idiotic as that concept already is, the fun begins much earlier than that, with two guys (Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais), a tad, shall we say, on the slower side, who could have been the product of a drunken brawl between the Coen brothers and the Farrellys – although Dumb and Dumber's Mutt Cutts van has been replaced by a unicorn bike this time. With no money or shelter, the only prospect on the horizon for them is a paid gig delivering a suitcase for €500, provided no one asks what’s inside it. But before Pulp Fiction starts coming to mind, rest assured – Dupieux may know all the rules by heart, but frankly, my dear, he doesn’t give a damn.” Marta Balaga, Cineuropa, 6/09/2020

“What makes Mandibles work more as a straightforward comedy compared to Dupieux’s usual output is the buddy-movie chemistry of leads David Marsais and Grégoire Ludig, who seem to be directly imported into France from the world of Dumb and Dumber, with Ludig also channeling major Big Lebowski Dude vibes — hair and hygiene included. Short, sweet and genuinely funny at times, if also insane and possibly offensive to anyone who’s had a terrible skiing accident […] this Venice premiere will hit French theaters in early December and could find a few flytraps abroad.” Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter, 22/09/2020

Cast & Credits
Grégoire Ludig, David Marsais, Adèle Exarchopoulos, India Hair, Roméo Elvis, Coralie Russier, Bruno Lochet
Quentin Dupieux
Quentin Dupieux
Guillaume Le Braz, Alexis Place
Joan Le Boru
Chi-Fou-Mi Productions, Artémis Productions
Memento Films Production, C8 Films
O’Brother Distribution

Quentin Dupieux began his career in the 1990s by making music videos alongside Michel Gondry. A music lover, he became known under the name of Mr Oizo and in 1999 became one of the most famous DJs in France. In 2001, he directed his first short, Nonfilm which he followed up with a first feature, Steak, in 2007. He then shot several films in the United States such as Rubber (2010), Wrong Cops (2013) or Reality (2014). Back in Europe, he directed Keep an Eye Out (2018) with Benoît Poelvoorde, as well as Deerskin (2019) with Jean Dujardin, which opened the Director’s Fortnight in Cannes in 2019. Mandibles (2020) is his eighth feature film.

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  • 2010 – Rubber
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