Irene Iborra, Eduard Puertas Anfruns

Belgium, Spain, France, 2018 / 7 min / without words / Animation

Part of the short film collection Sheep, wolf and cup of tea.

Little Matilda cannot sleep and discovers the all the magic of the night.

Matilda can't get to sleep and starts playing with her bedside lamp until the lightbulb finally burns out. She finds herself plunged into darkness! She soon overcomes her fear and, using her torch, starts exploring her room in this new light, and discovers all the magic of the night.


The school screenings on 04/03 at 9:30, on 08/03 at 10:00, on 10/03 at 11:00 and on 11/03 at 10:00 unfortunately had to be cancelled.

Sat 13/03 14:00 Ciné Utopia Without words Public
  • Special Mention, Brest European Short Film Festival, 2018 (France)
  • Audience Award and Special Mention, Monstra Festival, 2019 (Portugal)
Cast & Credits
Irene Iborra
Anna Molins
Philippe Fontaine
Morgan Navarro
Karim Baggili
Les Films du Nord, La Boîte,… Productions, Citoplasmas
L’agence du court-métrage
Núria Robles, Eduard Puertas, Irene Iborra

Irene Iborra is a Spanish scriptwriter, film director and stop motion animator born in Alicante, Spain, in 1976. She is the co-director of the Citoplasmas Stop Motion animation studio in Barcelona, which produces short films, TV shows for kids, commercials and video clips. Since their first film Citoplasmas en media ácido (2004), she has written and co-directed several shorts with Eduard Puertas: Quiero ser tortilla (2009) and Marre, two short films on the theme of food, Click (2013), combining pixelation and plasticine, as well as Matilda (2018), their latest film for children, which tackles the theme of fear. Irene has contributed, both as a scriptwriter and director, to many children's TV series. She also teaches screenwriting for the Stop Motion animation master's degree course at the BAU School of Design in Barcelona and at the Escola d’Art Massana. She is currently working on the script for her first animated feature film.

Eduard Puertas is a puppet-maker, stop-motion animator and film director born in 1981 in Ripoll, Spain. In 2008, Irene Iborra and he set up the independent animation studio Citoplasmas Stop Motion, which produces short films, TV shows for kids, commercials and video clips. With Irene Iborra, he co-directed Citoplasmas en media ácido (2004), Click (2013) and Matilda (2018). Eduard also manages Kinetic Armature which manufactures and sells armatures, skeletons and other stop-motion animation supplies all over the world. He is also one of the coordinators of the Stop Motion Animation Master's Degree at the BAU School of Design in Barcelona.

  • Irene Iborra
  • 2018 – Matilda (short)
  • 2013 – Click (short)
  • 2008 – Quiero ser tortilla (short)
  • 2004 – Citoplasmas en media ácido (short)
  • Eduard Puertas
  • 2018 – Matilda (short)
  • 2013 – Foamy (short)
  • 2013 – Click (short)
  • 2008 – Quiero ser tortilla (short))
  • 2005 – Cuentos Celestes (short)
  • 2004 – Citoplasmas en media ácido (short)