Dzhovani Gospodinov

Luxembourg, 2020 / 22 min / Bulgarian OV with English subt. / Documentary Short

Showcase: Shorts Made in/with Luxembourg

A remote Bulgarian village prepares to perform an ancient ritual, hoping that future generations will carry on their traditions.

In the mountains of south-western Bulgaria, according to Slavic pagan tradition, the so-called “Kukeri” come together at the beginning of each year and perform a ritual to chase away evil spirits. Intertwining observation and imagination through documentary and staged sequences, the film follows group leader Vladi, his animals, family and friends as this forgotten community begin their methodical preparation for the new year. Whether their ancient custom will disappear or survive for future generations to witness will be left up to Stefcho and the other children in the village.

Taking its title from a traditional Bulgarian word meaning “strong passion or desire for something”, often used to described the expression of intense pleasure and love attached to an activity, Merak explores the conviction and dedication inspired by this little-known practice in the modern world.


Mon 08/03 19:00 Kinepolis Kirchberg BU OV with EN subt. Public
Tue 09/03 10:00 BU OV with EN subt. Public
Cast & Credits
Vladimir Blagoev, Stefan Blagoev, Evgenia Blagoeva, Cvetan Mitev, Georgi Dimitrov, Ivan Novoselski, Marian Marianov, Plamen Mihailov, Valeri Ilchev, Ivan Michailov
Dzhovani Gospodinov, Roman Koblov
Jing Er, Julian Böckeler
Jing Er
Dzhovani Gospodinov
Dzhovani Gospodinov

Dzhovani Gospodinov is a filmmaker born in Bulgaria, raised in Luxembourg, and currently based in Luxembourg and in Berlin. Since turning to film in 2017, he has developed a self-taught practice encompassing both still and moving images. His output ranges from live performance documentation, including extensive work alongside the artist Pan Daijing, to anthropological and observational documentaries, informed by an interest in how humans and animals exist and coexist within their environments. While his debut documentary short, Merak, tours the festival circuit, he is already busy woking on his next project.

  • 2020 – Merak (documentary short)