Messages in a Bottle

Célia Tocco

France, 2020 / 12 min / French version (FR) / Animation

Part of the short film collection GRANDIR, C’EST CHOUETTE !

To feel less lonely, Theo sends a message in a bottle into the sea and impatiently awaits an answer.

Theo lives in a house by the sea where he often feels lonely. Hoping to make a friend, he writes a note, puts it in a bottle and throws it into the sea. He then waits impatiently wondering if his message in a bottle, a tiny object in such a vast ocean, will reach a potential friend…

Cast & Credits
Lily Demuynck / Deydier
Arnaud Demuynck
Célia Tocco / Raphaël Prud‘homme
Yan Volsy-Roussel
Yan Volsy-Roussel / Pavel Guerchovitch / Ségolène Brutin
Les Films du Nord / La Boîte / Productions / Pictanovo
Les Grignoux

Célia Tocco was born on October 23rd in 1996 in Evian-les-Bains. She studied animation at l’Institut St Geneviève (Paris), before completing a one-year FCIL (Formation Complémentaire à Initiative Locale en Cinéma d’Animation) course at the ESAAT (école Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et du Textile) (Roubaix). A year alternating between studying and working with the Films du Nord gave her the opportunity to work with Nicolas Liguori on the film The Wind in the Reeds. This experience led her to make her first short film in 2018, The Golden Tortoise, co-directed with Célia Tisserant and based on a screenplay written by Arnaud Demuynck. Célia Tocco worked specifically on the graphics, character and set design, while also contributing to the direction and animation of the film. In 2019, she directed her 2nd short film The Little Wide-Mouthed Frog and in 2020 her 3rd, Messages in a Bottle.

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