Miss Sloane

John Madden

France, USA, 2016 / 132 min / English OV with French and Dutch subtitles / Drama, Political Thriller

Washington DC’s most formidable lobbyist faces her toughest adversary yet.

In the high-stakes world of political power-brokers, Elizabeth Sloane is the most sought after and formidable lobbyist in Washington DC. Known equally for her cunning and track record of success, she has always done whatever is required to win – but as it turns out, she’s not a jackal. When the gun lobby comes to her firm and pitches their idea on how to get women interested in guns, she outright laughs at them and joins the firm lobbying for the opposing side and a pro gun regulation bill. Sloane braces herself to face off against the firm she’s leaving and the most powerful opponent of her career. Ready to sacrifice anything for a victory, even her career and those closest to her, she may have to accept that this time winning comes at too high a price.

Fri 03/03 21:30 Kinepolis Kirchberg EN OV with FR & NL SUBT Public

“Jessica Chastain has the Sorkin-fingerprinted and dagger-tongued careerist role in Sloane and she obviously relishes it. […] Miss Sloane will resonate with those who were exhausted by the Congressional scandals of 2016 that emphasized the circus of a hearing over the quality of the evidence. And ultimately, Miss Sloane is a surprisingly timely crowd-pleaser because—regardless of the political aisle you sit on—we’re all upset at the control lobbyists have in skewing votes on key issues, regardless of public opinion.” Brian Formo, Collider, 23/11/2016


“Jessica Chastain rules the Washington-based political thriller “Miss Sloane” with such steely authority that you are hard pressed to imagine another actress playing the imperious, largely unsympathetic title character.” Stephen Holden, The New York Times, 24/11/2016


 “Further evidence of the Aaron Sorkinization of American screenwriting, “Miss Sloane” is a talky, tense political thriller, full of verbal sparring and fiery monologues […] Constructed like a magic act by first-time screenwriter Jonathan Perera, with tricks up every sleeve that keep audiences guessing, this twisty peek inside the sausage factory of American politics features characters who talk faster than most people think. Plus, it’s engaging — make that downright electrifying — to watch a female star as strong as Jessica Chastain carry a film about a D.C. lobbyist who risks her reputation for a cause she believes in.” Peter Debruge, Variety, 11/11/2016


“Elizabeth is far from likeable, but she is fascinating and emotionally complex, and Chastain crafts a tour de force portrait of a character whose relentless professional dedication and apartness from others makes her something of a sister to Chastain's similarly obsessed character in Zero Dark Thirty; certainly these two roles represent her signature screen appearances to date. […] Otherwise, director Madden, who worked with Chastain on The Debt six years ago, maintains a rigorous grip on the narrative and characterizations. He and cinematographer Sebastian Blenkov have employed a very hard-edged visual style that further amplifies the prevailing mentality and milieu. So intriguing are the driven, smart and compromised characters, and so infinite are the dramatic possibilities at the intersection of big business and politics, that a vastly expanded small-screen take built around these characters, and others like them, would be quite welcome.” Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter, 11/11/2016

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Cast & Credits
Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, John Lithgow, Jake Lacy, Alison Pill, Michael Stuhlbarg, Sam Waterston.
Jonathan Perera
Sebastian Blenkov
François Fayard, Julie Roué
Peter P. Nicolakakos, Dan Norton, Sonja Toma
Max Richter
Transfilm, Archery Pictures, Canal+ Distribution, Ciné+, FilmNation Entertainment, France 2 Cinéma, France Télévisions Distribution
Belga Films

John Madden is an English director, born in 1949 in Portsmouth. After graduating from Sussex College in Cambridge with a B.A. in English literature, he started working in independent filmmaking before directing television films and series for the BBC and ITV. His biggest achievement to date was the 1998 Oscar for Best Picture for “Shakespeare in Love” which he directed. Most recently, he directed the British comedy-drama “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” (2011) and its 2015 sequel “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”.