Ali Samadi Ahadi

Germany, Austria, 2022 / 85 min / German OV (DE OV) / Animation, family, fantasy

The story of Little Peter who embarks on an enchanting journey.

He has had quite a tough time since the death of his father: he’s had to move, gets teased by his classmates and even has to share a room with his younger sister, Anna. But when the siblings meet the doodlebug, Mr. Sumsemann, little Peter’s life takes a wonderful turn.

A splendidly animated adventure film based on the classic fairy tale of the same name.


Fri 04/03 09:15 Ciné Utopia DE OV Scolaire
Tue 08/03 09:00 CNA Dudelange VO DE Scolaire

“Moonbound shows that imagination knows no bounds, and that fairy tales and faith release the child in any one of us.”
Myrthe Leenders, Lound and Clear, 03/08/2021

  • Nomation - Zürich Film Festival, 2021 (Switzerland)
  • Nomation - Internationales Filmfest Emden Norderney, 2021 (Germany)
  • Nomation - Filmfestival Cottbus, 2021 (Germany)
Cast & Credits
Peter Simonischek, Dirk Petrick, Roxana Samadi, Raphael van Barge, Tom Vogt
Arne Nolting, Ali Samadi Ahadi, D’après le livre « Peterchens Mondfahrt » de Gerdt von Bassewitz
Thomas Pötz
Ali N. Askin
Little Dream Entertainment Hamburg GmbH, Brave New Work Film Productions GmbH, coop99 filmproduktion, ZDF, ORF Film/Fernseh-Abkommen
Little Dream Pictures GmbH

Ali Samadi Ahadi was born in 1972 in Tabriz, Iran. He is Iranian and Azerbaijani. During the Iran-Iraq War, at the age of 12, he escaped from home alone to avoid being killed. He took his Abitur in Hannover where he studied sociology and electronic media. He is an independent scriptwriter, director and editor. His documentaries Africa Mayibuye and Culture Clan were both presented in festivals. 
Peterchens Mondfahrt is his first fiction feature film.


  • 2021 – Peterchens Mondfahrt
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  • 2013 – 45 Minutes to Ramallah
  • 2010 – The Green Wave (documentary)
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  • 2008 – Wide Angle (TV series) (documentary)
  • 2005 – Lost Children (documentary)
  • 2003 – Africa Mayibuye