Nina Forever

Ben Blaine, Chris Blaine

United Kingdom , 2015 / 98 min / English OV with French subtitles / Comedy, Horror, Romance

In the presence of the directors Ben and Chris Blaine.

A fucked up fairy tale.

Holly wants to save Rob. She is training to be a paramedic and works in a supermarket where Rob is the only remarkable thing, lost and angry since the death of his girlfriend Nina. Drawn into a relationship, the first time they’re in bed together so is Nina. A tangled and bloody mess of broken limbs, she is very much dead but still angry. However, Holly doesn’t freak out and run. She can deal with the dead girl sharing their bed, their lives and their minds. If it’s what heals Rob’s wounds.

“Nina Forever is a gloriously individualistic film. Poignant, sexy and uncannily well scripted and performed, it mines poetry and astoundingly dark laughs from the struggles of moving on from the kind of tragedy that offers zero possible closure” – Mitch Davis (Fantasia Film Festival)

Sat 27/02 23:00 Cinémathèque English OV with French and Dutch subtitles Public
Fri 04/03 21:30 Ciné Utopia English OV with French and Dutch subtitles Public

“Nina Forever is an unforgettably smart film of understated intelligence. It doesn’t try to baffle or confuse with longwinded dialogue, nor does it hit your repeatedly over the head with symbolism and arty cinematic trickery. It plays everything straight and is all the better for it. A humble and inspiring piece, it has a lot to say but doesn’t feel the need to shout.” Luke Ryan Baldock, The Hollywood News, 01/09/2015

“Nina Forever” successfully treads a fine line between ‘out there’ fantasy and hardscrabble reality, black comedy and genuinely disturbing imagery. It is a startling debut, as affecting as it is daring.” Jamie Graham, Total Film

“… the kind of film you might not know you needed until you see it for the first time… Nina Forever’s cast finds a rich vein of emotional honesty and they mine it for everything it’s worth. And the Blaine Brothers confidently dramatize their journey, with a sensitivity that’s usually reserved for tender awards season dramas. There’s nothing like it, really. It’s a unique exploration of horror, love and loss. It’s a sexy, funny, morbid and beautiful film for horror lovers with a heart, and romantic audiences with a dark side. Nina Forever digs up your skeletons, lays them out on the bed and dares you snuggle up. Take the offer. Trust me.” William Bibbiani, Crave Online

"Fresh, original and surprisingly tender." Oktay Ege Kozak, Indiewire

“Darkly hilarious and charmingly deranged, Ben and Chris Blaine’s debut amusingly renders the macabre mundane, with Rob and Holly stocking up on bed linens in anticipation of future manifestations. However, it doesn’t shirk its metaphoric duties as it inventively examines “what we carry with us.” Vancouver International Film Festival

“Insanely unique, at times disturbing and funny, touching and poetic, Nina Forever is all that and so much more. Try getting it out of your head… and heart.” Craig Hunter, Screen Relish, 01/09/2015

“Nina Forever” certainly shows the Blaines as talents not just to watch, but also to promote onward and upward — one suspects they could easily handle bigger projects, directorially if not necessarily as sole screenwriters. All tech and design elements here are intelligently accomplished, not least the soundtrack’s lively use of diverse various-artist cuts.” Denis Harvey, Variety, 23/11/2015

  • Press Award – Morbido Film Fest, 2015 (Mexico)
  • Best Film Award – Fright Fest, 2015 (United Kingdom)
  • Most Original Film & Best Editing – Toronto After Dark Film Festival, 2015 (Canada)
  • Most Promising Newcomer – British Independent Film Awards, 2015 (UK)
  • Méliès d’Argent – Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, 2015 (Sweden)
  • Wonderland Award –Trieste Science and Fiction Festival, 2015 (Italy)
  • Special Jury Prize – Melbourne Underground Film Festival, 2015 (Australia)
  • Best Foreign Film – Another Hole In The Head Festival, 2015 (USA)
Cast & Credits
Abigail Hardingham, Cian Barry, Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Elizabeth Elvin, David Troughton
Ben Blaine, Chris Blaine
Oliver Russel
Steve Bond
Daniel Teper
Jeva Films
Casualties Bureau, Charlie Films
Epic Pictures Group

The London-based brothers Chris and Ben Blaine write, direct and edit for TV and film and have been creating an electric array of short films, sketches, music videos and documentaries. Their work received a retrospective at the ICA and has been both BIFA nominated and BAFTA shortlisted. creating an eclectic array of short films, sketches, music videos and documentaries. Their work received a retrospective at the ICA and has been both BIFA nominated and BAFTA shortlistedTheir debut feature “Nina Forever” received its world premiere at SXSW.

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