Not without us! (Nicht ohne uns!)

Sigrid Klausmann-Sittler

Germany, 2017 / 87 min / German voice-over with French subt. / Documentary

Young heroes from around the world on their journey to school.

This documentary follows children from all over the world to school, a universal childhood ritual that takes different forms: on foot, by train, on skis, or on a donkey. Vincent, the skiing ace, zips down the steep slopes of the Feuerkogel mountain; HIV-positive Luniko from South African is always accompanied by fear; Enjo, the little philosopher, feels deeply connected to his world between the mountains and the lake; Sanjana who lives in a red-light district in India; and To from Laos, who doesn’t find school so difficult, but the journey there sure is. They share their hopes and plans, their dreams and fears – of child labor, prostitution, war, and crime.

A film about the future of the planet – a future that these children are going to shape. “Not without Us!” reveals numerous individual, sometimes sobering lives and horizons of experience of a (self-) confident generation, that remains full of ideals in the face of a merciless world. A multifaceted portrait of childhood.

Fri 03/03 10:00 Cinémathèque DE OV with FR SUBT. Scolaire
Mon 06/03 09:15 Ciné Utopia DE OV Scolaire
  • Goldener Nils – Award of the Children’s Film Jury, Festival des deutschen Films Ludwigshafen 2016 (Germany)
Cast & Credits
Alphosine, Anish, Ekhlas, Enjo, Finya, Jaffer, Luniko, Perla, Rebekka, Sai, Sanjana
Sigrid Klausmann-Sittler
Justyna Feicht, Jojo Pennebaker, Simon Drescher, Lina Luzyte, Ahmad Jalboush, Thorsten Harms, Paul Morkel
Volker Pehl, Yutaka Suzuki, Ben Berger, Tareq Abu Ghosh, Celeste Palma
Christopher Benstead, Nils Frahm, Lea-Marie Sittler
Gemini Film & Library
Schneegans Productions, Curmudgeon Films
farbfilm verleih GmbH

Born in Furtwangen/Black Forest in 1955. 1972–1974, Sigrid Klausmann was trained as a state-registered teacher of sport and gymnastics; subsequently, she worked as a teacher in Mengen, and also at the international school Schloss Salem until 1985. From 1979 to 2003, she also taught modern dance and worked as a choreographer for several theatre productions. Sigrid Klausmann has been a documentary filmmaker since 2003.

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