Roxanne Peguet

Luxembourg, 2022 / 27 min / OV Luxembourgish, French with English subt. / Drama

Esch-sur-Alzette, a place where time seems to have stood still stuck for 20 years. Everything seems old, everything seems tired, the people who live there and the streets. Melissa does everything to save her couple. It would be easier if her husband Tun, who comes from a modest and homophobic background were not madly in love with his colleague Alex, who is fully open about his homosexuality. The three of them end up in a hellish and toxic love triangle. But will Tun find a way out of this situation?


Cast & Credits
Magaly Teixeira, Konstantin Rommelfangen, Jules Waringo
Anselm Havu
Directeur de la photo 
Anselm Havu
Gabriel Ohresser, Ken Rischard
Adelisa Pjanic
Six Letters

Roxanne Peguet, the film's writer and director of the film, has gained experience since 2015 in the field of directing through her numerous contributions on Luxembourg productions and co-productions as assistant director, casting director and scriptwriter. Nucléaire is her first short film supported by the Film Fund Luxembourg.