Carsten Rau

Germany, 2020 / 94 min / German & French OV with English subt. / Documentary

Collaboration Institut Pierre Werner

A deep look at nuclear power in Europe and Germany’s progressive nuclear phase-out.

Germany is turning away from nuclear power once and for all in 2022. Because the risk is too high and the technology too unmanageable. Yet the nuclear nightmare goes on, thanks to umpteen thousands of tonnes of radioactive waste whose storage isn’t the least bit clear. The hazardous dismantling of nuclear power plants will take decades and gobble up many billions of euros. And despite Germany’s ambitions, neighbouring countries continue to firmly hold on to mankind’s dream of clean nuclear energy: 13 of the 27 nations in the EU operate nuclear power plants and continue pushing their development.

This feature-length documentary film takes an equally profound as well as alarming look at the nuclear dilemma. Six interwoven episodes portray the absurd amount of effort involved in demolishing a gigantic nuclear power plant and the quest for a final repository that is supposed to last more than a million years and survive the next ten ice ages. It takes viewers into the heart of the French atomic industry that ridicules the German opt-out and is lobbying to increase the number of power plants. The film, however, does not take sides in this ideological debate that has been going on for decades and invites viewers to form their own opinion.

Mon 08/03 13:30 Ciné Utopia German & French OV with English subt. Public
Cast & Credits
Carsten Rau
Andrzej Król
Augusto Castellano, Yannick Rehder
Ketan Bhatti, Vivan Bhatti
PIER 53 Filmproduktion

Carsten Rau was born in Hamburg in 1967. While studying political science and history, he began working freelance for the NDR TV network. Form 1993 until 2006, he was employed as an author, director and reporter in the news and documentary departments. In 2006, Carsten Rau and Hauke Wendler founded the Hamburg-based production company PIER 53 Filmproduktion. Together, the filmmakers produced numerous award-winning TV documentaries and features, focusing on stories about migration and the refugee situation.

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