Old Mother Snow

Célia Tisserant / Arnaud Demuynck

France, 2020 / 31 min / French version (FR) / Animation

Part of the short film collection Grandir, C’est Chouette !

Thumbeline and Fingerita live alone with their mother at the edge of a forest in a house overlooking a village.

Thumbeline and Fingerita live alone with their mother at the edge of a forest in a house overlooking a village. Thumbeline, a rather sulky teenager, isn’t as helpful as her little sister, Fingerita, who willingly goes into the forest to gather firewood. When her hat falls into an old well, she climbs down to get it and discovers the enchanting world of Old Mother Snow, who makes snow fall every time she shakes her duvet. The old woman, despite her witchy airs, isn’t trying to scare, but rather wants to help the two girls learn and grow. Like Alice in Wonderland, the sisters embark on a fantastic journey to discover their true selves.


« Poétique et esthétiquement très beau, le film est l’occasion, en opposant les deux sœurs sur leur volonté face aux tâches à accomplir, d’évoquer avec malice les vocations différentes de chacune. »
Olivier Bachelard, Abus de Ciné

Cast & Credits
Lily Demuynck / Deydier
Arnaud Demuynck
Célia Tisserant / Nina Wozniak / Luca de Aranjo / Antoine Denglos / Jérémie Mazurek / Maëlle Chevallier / Nicolas Moreau / Stéphan Nappez
Yan Volsy
Yan Volsy
Les Films du Nord, La Boîte / Productions / Nadasdy Film
RTS – Radio télévision suisse

Célia Tisserant was born September 10th 1995 in Remiremont. After obtaining a DMA at the ESAAT, Célia earned a place on the FCIL course, which gave her the opportunity to study animation in deeper depth while gaining professional experience, working part-time at Films du Nord in 2016-2017. This additional year of study enabled her to work with Nicolas Liguori on his film The Wind in the Reeds, before developing and directing her first short film in 2018, The Golden Tortoise, co-directed with Célia Tocco. In 2019, she directed her 2nd short film The Little Red Chick and in 2020, she co-directed her 1st medium-length film with Arnaud Demuynck, Old Mother Snow.

Arnaud Demuynck is a film director, producer and scriptwriter specialised in short and medium-length animated films. Since L’Ecluse, a short choreographic fiction film made in 2000, he has written and directed many animated films, including a choreographic trilogy. Since 2014, he has put out ten complete programmes of short films which he considers “equal” to full-length films. He has created an owl character, the Cinema Owl, who speaks directly to the children watching his film. She is a short of alter ego, expressing the messages he as the filmmaker wishes to convey. Since 2017, Arnaud has developed his first full-length animated film, Yuku and the Himalayan flower. Its production is set to begin in Spring 2021.

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