Marek Beneš

Czech Republic, 2017 / 40 min / Without dialogue / stop motion, comedy

Our inventive friends may have moved house but they’ve brought along the usual chaos.

Pat and Mat have packed their life into removal boxes and found an exciting new house. On top of that, the two inventive and inseparable friends have brought a whole bunch of ideas of how to improve their daily lives along with them. How will their new playground fare, faced with the duo’s wacky inventions?

Humour, optimism and slapstick elements help to initiate the youngest viewers to the world of stop-motion comedies. Expect all the Czech animation know-how in these five previously unreleased episodes in which Pat and Mat embark on new adventures.

Live film concert: The public screenings of Pat et Mat déménagent ! will be accompanied by Cyrille Aufaure on piano who will bring the film to life with his original score. A magical experience, combining discovery, laughter and wonder into memorabale movie moments.

Films in the collection:

Honey and Bees
Pat and Mat are eating breakfast peacefully in their new garden, enjoying slices of bread with honey, when suddenly a swarm of bees flies in and disturbs their morning feast.

Chimney Drone
Thick black smoke is spreading in Mat’s house, emanating from the fireplace. As the blocked chimney is hard to reach, Pat has the brilliant idea of using his drone for some remote-controlled chimney sweeping.

The Carousel
There’s nothing quite like exercising in your own garden! But Pat isn’t very good at using his newest fitness tool and keeps losing his balance. Both friends look for ways to make the workout easier.

The Lawnmower
Early one morning, Mat mows the lawn. Inadvertently, he cuts the lawnmower’s power cable in two. Fortunately, Pat has a “bright” idea for repairs.

The Small Mole

Pat’s and Mat’s garden has been wrecked by a mole. In their hunt for the troublemaker, it becomes increasingly unclear who is causing most of the damage: Pat, Mat or the mole.


Fri 08/03 09:30 Ciné Utopia WITHOUT DIALOGUE Scolaire
Sun 10/03 10:00 CNA Dudelange WITHOUT DIALOGUE Public
Sun 10/03 15:30 Cinémathèque WITHOUT DIALOGUE Public
Thu 14/03 09:00 CNA Dudelange WITHOUT DIALOGUE Scolaire
Thu 14/03 09:15 Ciné Utopia WITHOUT DIALOGUE Scolaire
Fri 15/03 10:30 Cinémathèque WITHOUT DIALOGUE Scolaire
Cast & Credits
Marek Beneš
Jan Bouzek
Karel Štulo
Zdeněk Zdeněk
Patmat Film
Cinéma Public Films
Jan Smrcka

Screenwriter and director Marek Beneš, born in 1960, graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague and directed educational movies for the Krátký film Praha production company, as well as for cable TV. When Marek’s father Lubomír Beneš, founder of the Pat and Mat characters, died in 1992 he had created some 49 episodes of Pat & Mat. Marek Beneš founded his own studio, Patmat Film, which produced an additional 28 episodes starting in 2002 with his own original series.

  • 2017 – Pat a Mat znovu v akci (Selection of shorts)
  • 2016 – Pat a Mat ve filmu (Selection of shorts)
  • 2003 – Pat & Mat (TV series)