Peter and Wendy

Diarmuid Lawrence

United Kingdom, Luxembourg , 2016 / 100 min / Luxembourgish Version / Adventure

Based on the novel “Peter Pan” by J.M.Barie.

A re-imagining of the classic Peter Pan story.

“Peter and Wendy“ is a spellbinding new reimagining of J.M. Barrie’s classic tale “Peter Pan“, told through the imagination of a 12-year-old girl.

In the presence of the Luxembourger coproducer Juliette Films.

The drama opens in modern day Great Ormond Street Hospital where twelve-year-old Lucy Rose is awaiting treatment for a serious heart condition. Before the operation Lucy reads J.M. Barrie’s novel of “Peter Pan“ to a crowd of sick children in the hospital, and she goes to sleep with thoughts of the classic tale in her head. Lucy dreams her version of “Peter Pan“ into existence and the story is retold through the young girl’s imagination. As the adventure begins, the story cuts back and forth between Lucy fighting for her life in the present day and the magical land of The Neverland, featuring Peter Pan and his Lost Boys and the dastardly Captain Hook.

Sat 05/03 16:30 Cinémathèque Luxembourgish Version Public

“An enjoyable adventure” Chronicle, 28/12/2015

“Heartbreaking” Jessica Earnshaw, Express, 27/12/2015

Cast & Credits
Stanley Tucci, Laura Fraser, Paloma Faith, Bjarne Henriksen, Hazel Doupe, Zac Sutcliffe
Hook / Mr. Darling / Dr. Wylie : JULES WERNER, Peter Pan : ETIENNE HALSDORF, Lucy / Wendy : JOANA FERNANDES, Julie / Ms. Darling : SASCHA LEY
Adrian Hodges
Marc Thill (Sound Engineer), Nicolas Tran Trong (Sound Editor)
Maurizio Malagnini
Headline Pictures
Juliette Films, Catalyst Global Media
Red Arrow international

Born in 1947, Diarmuid Lawrence is an English television director. Lawrence began his career in 1978 as a production assistant on the BBC serial “Pennies from Heaven”.

Two years later he made his directorial debut with “Play for Today”. In 1990, his direction of “Beyond the Pale” won him the Golden Gate Award for Best Television Feature at the San Francisco International Film Festival. He also is the recipient of the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Serial for Anglo Saxon Attitudes.

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