Nick Herbert

Switzerland, United Kingdom, 2021 / 40 min / Without dialogue / Stop motion

Curious, creative, mischievous and fearless, Pingu loves adventure! Surrounded by his parents, his sister, Pinga, and his best friend, Robby, the young penguin is never short of ideas to spice up his daily life in Antarctica. From sledding school to painting, pottery and music: life on ice has never been so warm and welcoming!

Films in the collection:

  • The Mysterious voice 
    Mischievous Pingu fools everyone with a pipe, a funnel and a lot of imagination!

  • Pottery
    Curious Pingu wants to learn to make pottery just like his mom! But things don’t go as planned…

  • Painting
    Creative and clumsy, Pingu decides to start painting, much to his neighbour’s delight…

  • The Hairdresser
    Feeling playful and impatient, Pingu gets bored waiting for his mother while she’s at the hairdresser. To make time go by faster, he decides to transform the living room into a playroom!

  • The Sledge Academy 
    Pingu and his friends go sledging and provoke a big pile-up! His parents decide to send him to sledging school.

  • Music
    Pingu loves music and dancing! But with his mother talking on the phone and his father listening to the radio at home, he can’t hear anything. So, he decides to go out on a search for music.

  • The Paperboy
    Pingu wants to be just like his dad and deliver newspapers! But his overconfidence and impatience will catch up with him.

  • The Wrapping Papers
    Succumbing to his sweet tooth, Pingu learns that the packaging of his candy is dangerous for the environment

Thu 03/03 09:00 CNA Dudelange sans paroles Scolaire
Fri 04/03 08:45 Ciné Utopia Without dialogue Scolaire
Sun 06/03 11:00 Cinémathèque Without dialogue Public
Mon 07/03 08:45 Ciné Utopia Without dialogue Scolaire
Tue 08/03 08:45 Ciné Utopia Without dialogue Scolaire
Thu 10/03 09:00 CNA Dudelange sans paroles Scolaire
Fri 11/03 08:45 Ciné Utopia Without dialogue Scolaire
Sun 13/03 16:30 Ciné Utopia Without dialogue Public

« Ayant marqué plusieurs générations d’enfants dans les années 1990-2000, Pingu est une star internationale. Avec son cri caractéristique (« noot noot ! »), l’absence de paroles et son animation en pâte à modeler, il a fait le tour du monde avec ses épisodes et ses livres. Tout en faisant rire les petits et les grands, Pingu transmet un message universel, parlant aussi bien de l’amitié et de la famille que du travail et de l’écologie » Manon Koken, Benshi

Cast & Credits
Marcello Magni, David Sant (voix)
Steve Cox, Ross Hastings, Tim Compton, Marcello Magni, Liz Whitaker, Nick Herbert, Dave Ingham, David Haworth
422 Manchester
The As and When Men & Horseshoe Bend
Keith Hopwood & Cyrille Aufaure
The Pygos Group
Cinéma Public Films
Jan Maas
  • 2021 - Pingu
  • 2000 – Jester
  • 2003 – 2005 – Rubbadubbers
  • 2005 – 2006 – Pingu
  • 2000 – 2006 – Bob the Builder