Matteo Garrone

Italy, France, United Kingdom, 2019 / 125 min / Italian OV with French, English & German subt. / Fantaisie, aventure

Young Audience Film Day 2021

When the director of "Gomorrah" revisits this classic of children’s literature, he doesn’t shy away from the darker aspects of the source material.

Geppetto, a poor Italian carpenter, has just finished his latest work: a wooden puppet. To his great surprise, the cheeky puppet begins to talk and can walk, run and eat like any young boy. As Geppetto never had any children of his own, he feels responsible for the little guy and decides to name him Pinocchio, raising him as his son. But Pinocchio finds it hard to be good. Easily led astray, he tumbles from one misadventure to another as he is tricked, kidnapped and chased by bandits through a fantastical world full of imaginative creatures – from the belly of a giant fish, to the land of toys and the field of miracles. His loyal friend, the Fairy with the Turquoise Hair, tries to make him see that his dream — to become a real boy — can never come true until Pinocchio finally changes his ways.

In this new imagining of the iconic classic beloved across the world, Matteo Garrone returns to the authentic roots of the Pinocchio story. With this groundbreaking live action film shot in stunning Italian locations, Garrone creates a rich fantasy world of mystery and wonder, filled with luminous, funny and touching moments.

Sun 25/04 10:00 IT OV with FR, EN & DE subt. Public

“One of the most ambitious film adaptations to date of Carlo Collodi’s 1883 kid classic. […] this is an uncensored, unadulterated version of the book’s dark 19th century portrait of mistreated children. It's one of those rare films that can attract mixed age groups, and both small children and adults were elbow-to-elbow at its Christmas opening in Italy. […] Perhaps the film’s most striking accomplishment is how it manages to wed a realistic social setting populated by the poor, hungry rural population of 19th century Italy with the dreamy fantasy of the book. Collodi’s is an eerie tale of metamorphosis, of animals playing the role of human beings and humans morphing into animals. The very idea a wooden puppet who longs to become a real human boy is shot through with a mild frisson of horror, as well as the pathos that makes it an evergreen.” Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter, 20/12/2019


“Garrone succeeds in re-telling the well-known story with his very own world of images. Although he is faithful to Carlo Collodi's ideas, he has nevertheless created a very personal Pinocchio that is much more cheerful than we've experienced before.” Carlo Chatrian,, 17/12/2019


“From the film’s very first sequence, Garrone plunges us into a rural world ravaged by famine, and the cinematography by Nicolaj Brüel, who already worked with Garrone on Dogman, helps bring to life this ancient world, half-way between reality and imagination, with a range of warm and brownish colours. Even the Land of Toys has the colours of a country farmhouse rather than those of a modern Luna Park. Roberto Benigni, who directed and starred in his own Pinocchio in 2002, immediately dominates the film in the role of Geppetto, and his great expressivity guarantees significant box-office numbers.” Camillo De Marco, CinEuropa, 13/12/19

Cast & Credits
Roberto Benigni, Federico Ielapi, Rocco Papaleo, Massimo Ceccherini, Marine Vacth, Gigi Proietti, Alida Baldari Calabria, Alessio di Domenicantonio, Maria Pia Timo, Maurizio Lombardi, Davide Marotta
Matteo Garrone, Massimo Ceccherini, d’après le livre « Les Aventures de Pinocchio » de Carlo Collodi
Nicolaj Brüel
Maricetta Lombardo
Dimitri Capuani
Dario Marianelli
Archimede, Rai Cinema, Le Pacte, Recorded Picture Company

Matteo Garrone was born in Rome in 1968. From 1986 to 1995, he worked as a painter. He won the Sacher d'Oro with his short film Silhouette (1996), that became one of the three episodes of his first feature film Terra di mezzo (1996). In 1997, he founded his own production company, Archimede. Matteo Garrone made a name for himself at the Festival de Cannes where he won two Grand Prix for his films Gomorrah (2008) and Reality (2012). For Gomorrah, he is also awarded the prize for the Best Director at the European Film Awards and at the David di Donatello Awards. His next feature, Tale of Tales (2015) starring Vincent Cassel and Salma Hayek, was selected to compete for the Palme d'Or at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. In this film, he masterfully interweaves the real world with the fantastical, a trademark of his that also comes to play in his latest feature, Pinocchio (2019).

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