Meelis Arulepp, Karsten Kiilerich

Estonia, Denmark, 2020 / 74 min / OV dubbed in Luxembourgish / Animation

Raggie, a very special doll, causes a bit of jealousy between brother and sister, but eventually brings them closer together.

When her older brother and best friend Mark has to return to school after the summer holidays, 6-year-old Ruby is devastated: Mark no longer has time for her and she is left eagerly searching for a new playmate. To comfort her, Mark prepares a special present for Ruby’s birthday, a hand-made doll named Raggie. Ruby quickly finds out that Raggie is special: She can talk, dance and sing. The two become inseparable, so much so that the doll starts replacing Mark as Ruby’s favourite playmate. The situation becomes unbearable for Raggie as well who decides to run away as she blames herself for the way things have turned. Ruby is heartbroken but the two estranged siblings join forces and set off on an adventurous rescue mission to save Ruby’s friend.


Raggie has everything you’d expect from a modern-day children’s animation. With a swathe of bright, primary colours, we’re given a world of mild thrills (not too much, so we don’t scare the little ones), bouncy songs and important lessons to be learned about life, family and love. It’s all well executed and put together with a keen eye for detail. The computer animation is certainly well done, presenting us with a location that could be any city in Europe and has the quality of a childlike idyll: all trees, hazy sunshine and clear moonlight nights, redolent of childhood memories of summer and never ending days of adventure.” Laurence Boyce, Cineuropa, 06/08/2020

Cast & Credits
Karsten Kiilerich, Aina Järvine, d’après les livres d’Eno Raud
Horret Kuus
Uwe Saegner, Sten Mesterton
Liina Sumera, Ewert Sundja
A Film Eesti
A. Film Production
Svetlana Bezdomnikova, Margo Busch, Dmitry Molodkovets, Kenneth Vandel, Ludovic Savonniére, Meelis Arulepp

Meelis Arulepp graduated from the Art College of Tartu, in Estonia, in 1984. Right after, he started to work in different animation studios. Since 1990 he works at A. Film in Copenhagen. In 1994 he co-founded a branch of the studio in Tallinn, A Film Estonia, where he has been serving as creative head ever since. He is also known as a book illustrator and caricaturist. Besides his work as a director of short films – among others The Great Painter (2013) and The Overcoat (2018) – he directed over 300 commercials. Raggie (2020) is his first feature film.

Karsten Kiilerich is a Danish director, screenwriter, animator and one of the founders of the largest animation studio in Denmark, A. Film. He started working as a teacher before joining the team behind the Danish animated film Valhalla (1986) as an animator. He directed many animated movies for TV and cinema, including the animated short When Life Departs (1997) which was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Animated Short Film in 1999. In 2006, he made his feature debut with The Ugly Duckling and Me! based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale.


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