Mischa Kamp

Netherlands, Germany , 2019 / 90 min / German version / drama, family

When Grandma Stine shows early signs of dementia, it’s her granddaughter Romy’s turn to look after her.

Romy has to spend her afternoons at her grandma’s house and often helps her at the hair salon in the Netherlands. Yet lately there is something wrong with grandma. She keeps forgetting everything, always talks about the sea and her childhood in Denmark, and even suddenly starts speaking Danish. Romy supports her grandma as much as she can so no one notices anything. Until the day, grandma shows up in the hair salon wearing nothing but her nightgown and finally ends up in a rest home. But Romy isn’t so sure that this is the best place for her. Surely, she would appreciate it if Romy were to take her to her childhood beach once more.

  • Best International Film, Golden Rooster Awards, 2019 (China)
  • Best International Literary Adaptation for Children or Young Adults, Frankfurter Buchmesse Film Awards, 2018 (Germany)
  • BFF Children’s Film Award, Kristiansand International Children’s Film Festival – Barnefilmfestival, 2019 (Norway)
  • Best Film – Jury of Art-House Cinemas, Warsaw Kids Film Festival, 2019 (Poland)
  • Special Mention of the Children’s Jury, Warsaw Kids Film Festival, 2019 (Poland)
  • Special Mention of the Parents’ Jury, Warsaw Kids Film Festival, 2019 (Poland)
  • Best Film – Professional Jury, Tel Aviv International Children’s Film Festival, 2019 (Israel)
  • Best Film – Children’s Jury, Tel Aviv International Children’s Film Festival, 2019 (Israel)
  • Special Award – Gragnano Consortium Award (Elements 10+), Giffoni Film Festival, 2019 (Italy)
  • Kino Dzieci ECFA Award, Kids Kino International Film Festival, 2019 (Poland)
  • Special Mention of the Creators Jury, Kids Kino International Film Festival, 2019 (Poland)
  • Jury Award for the Best Dutch Family Film, Cinekid, 2019 (Netherlands)
Cast & Credits
Vita Heijmen, Beppie Melissen, Noortje Herlaar, Guido Pollemans, George Tobal, Sascha Alexander Geršak
Tamara Bos, based on her book “Kapsalon Romy”
Melle van Essen
Oliver Pattinama
Vincent de Pater
Jacob Meijer, Alexander Reumers
Bos Bros. Film & TV Productions
Leitwolf Filmproduktion
farbfilm verleih

Born in Rotterdam in 1970, Mischa Kamp studied screenwriting and directing at the Dutch Film and Television Academy from 1991 to 1996. After graduating, she writes and directs numerous fictional and documentary short films and series, dipping her toes in animation as well. In 2005, she reaches the goal she had set for herself by releasing her first feature film, Winky’s Horse which premieres at the Berlinale in the “Generation” strand. The sequel, Where Is Winky’s Horse (2007), also becomes an instant box office success in the Netherlands. Since then she has specialized in films for young audiences. With her coming-of-age drama Boys (2014), she wins several awards at international festivals, notably the award for the best feature and for the best youth film at the Zlín Film Festival.

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