Aly Muritiba

Brazil, 2018 / 100 min / Portuguese OV with English and German subt. (PT OV with EN & DE subt.) / drama

This brooding drama explores the terrible consequences of toxic social media culture.

Tati and Renet are high school students who first connect via social media before getting to know each other in person during a school trip. Their budding romance however is cut short when Tati’s intimate video of her ex-boyfriend and her is being leaked on a pornographic website. In her desperation, she takes a drastic step, leaving only shock and guilt in her way. And while Tati is struggling to keep her life from crumbling, Renet grapples with instability at home, where his separated parents vie for control over what is best for their children, and their fragmented parenting starts to take its toll.

“Aly Muritiba’s unsettling second feature masterfully weaves together the stories of its two young characters, capturing the prevalence of technology in the lives of a generation that has never known connection without it. Muritiba coaxes outstanding performances from the cast that bring to life a biting critique of sexism and power, shining a light on the everyday ways in which they seep in and corrode our lives.” Sundance Film Festival

Thu 12/03 09:00 Cinémathèque PT OV with EN & DE subt. Scolaire
Thu 12/03 09:00 Cinémathèque PT OV with EN & DE subt. Public

“Though far from the first film on the perils to which a generation reared on social media and smartphones is vulnerable, this bisected anatomy of a high-school scandal is among the most demoralized: The iridescent hues of Rui Poças’s stylized lensing may occasionally pop from the screen, but the future Rust paints for its young characters isn’t the brightest. […] Rust isn't empty hand-wringing, but characterized by genuine concern for, and empathy with, the children under its watch.” Guy Lodge, Variety, 21/01/2018

“[Rust] manages to tap into zeitgeist-y discussions around revenge porn, bullying and misogyny raging worldwide at the moment, while still attempting to construct a nuanced understanding of how just a few bad decisions, by both victim and perpetrator, can ruin lives. […] The best kind of after-school special.” Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter, 23/01/2018

  • Best Film of the Ibero American Film Competition, Seattle International Film Festival, 2018 (USA)
  • Golden Kikito for the Best Film, Best Sound & Best Screenplay, Gramado Film Festival, 2018 (Brazil)
  • Golden Cactus for Best Editing, Encontro Nacional de Cinema et Vídeos dos Sertões, 2018 (Brazil)
Cast & Credits
Tifanny Dopke, Enrique Diaz, Clarissa Kiste, Giovanni De Lorenzi, Dudah Azevedo, Pedro Inoue
Aly Muritiba, Jessica Candal
Rui Poças
Fabián Oliver, Alexandre Rogoski, Ariel Henrique
Tiago Marques Teixeira
Grafo Audiovisual
Globo Filmes
Be For Films

Aly Muritiba, born in 1979 in Mairi, Brazil, has a degree in history and also studied communication and cinema. He's a partner at the production company Grafo Audiovisual. His first feature film To My Beloved (2015) won several international awards, including the Silver Zenith at the Montréal World Film Festival and Sundance Institute's Global Filmmaking Award. He has directed multiple short films, one of which, Pátio (2013), screened at the Cannes International Critics' Week in 2013. Another, The Factory (2011), was shown at more than 10 international festivals. His second and latest feature film is Rust (2018).

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