Claude Kongs

Luxembourg, 2019 / 12 min / English OV / Short, Science Fiction

Kino um Glacis - Drive and Walk-in

On board a space craft in the near future, an astronaut is forced to make a difficult decision.

A few years from now, astronaut Lieutenant Schweiger is rushed out of cryosleep by his captain. Some repair work has to be done outside the spaceship. Schweiger leaves the safety of the ship to meet up with his captain, already waiting outside. But he soon realises that this is not the routine maintenance task he had expected. A malfunctioning energy system is jeopardising the precious cargo. He is forced to make a decision with serious consequences. Will he be a hero? The survival of the crew, the cargo and maybe all of humankind depend on it.

Cast & Credits
Stefan Weinert, Désirée Nosbuch
Claude Kongs
Luca Theis, Yves Bemelmans
Luca Theis
Antevita Films, NAKOfx
Antevita Films

Claude Kongs completed his studies at the Lycée des Arts et Métiers BTS dessin d'animation where he was the first student to use full CGI in his graduation film. Inspired by the beginning of 3D animation and visual effects used in films like Toy Story, Jurassic Park and Matrix, he founded his own company to fill the gap in the 3D animation and computer-generated images market in Luxembourg. At the beginning of his career he directed many award-winning TV and cinema ads as well as films for companies such as Arcelor Mittal, Packard Bell and Luxembourg Air Rescue. After some years he followed his calling to work in the film industry and left advertising. As a VFX supervisor he has been involved in many movies like Möbius (2013), Hannah Arendt (2012), Sunset Song (2015), Egon Schiele (2016) and Invisible Sue (2018), as well as the TV series Bad Banks (2018). His biggest project so far has been working on the audience-record-breaking Luxembourgish film Superjhemp retörns (2018) as special effects supervisor which called on the expertise he has built up over the years to combine 3D animation and visual effects.

  • 2019 – Seed of Hope (short)