Shadow Game

Eefje Blankevoort & Els Van Driel

The Netherlands, 2021 / 90 min / OV with English and French subt. (OV with DE subt.) / Documentary

In the presence of the directors Eefje Blankevoort & Els Van Driel

Shadow Game is a journey through the dark side of Europe with teenage refugees as our guides.

Shadow Game follows a group of minor migrants on their journey through Europe. Fleeing poverty and war, they – and their families – have fixed their hopes on Europe: there it is safe and prosperous, people are kind and respect human rights. But once in Europe, these minors find that things aren’t quite as idyllic. Within Europe, walls and fences have sprung up. Crossing the borders has become extremely dangerous and reaching their final destination has become increasingly difficult.

Wed 09/03 09:00 Ciné Utopia OV with DE subt. Scolaire

“At the heart of Shadow Game lies a desire to change people’s perception of refugees and asylum seekers, and put a human face to a humanitarian catastrophe. Over the course of the film, it is clear that these are children who have no choice but to keep going, in the hope that one day they will reach safety and a better life.”
- Pip Cook, Geneva Solutions, 09/03/2021

  • Grand Prix de Genève for Creative Documentary, International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights of Geneva, 2021 (Switzerland)
  • Golden Calf for Best Long Documentary, Nederlands Film Festival, 2021 (The Netherlands)
Cast & Credits
Ton Peters
Mark Glynne
Rui Reis Maia
Witfilm, KRO-NCRV, Prospektor
Java Films

Eefje Blankevoort

Eefje Blankevoort (1978) studied History at the University of Amsterdam. Between 2002 and 2006, she regularly spent time in Iran where she studied, complied an archive for the International Institute of Social History and worked on her book Stiekem kan hier alles (You can do anything here in secret). Since then, Eefje has developed into an all-rounder in journalism, writing articles and books, as well as creating interactive projects, exhibitions and documentary films. Besides her work as a journalist, Eefje is a committee member of the Mezrab Storytelling Centre, and Grensloos Geluid (Sound without Borders)

Els van Driel

Els van Driel (Alkmaar, 1976) studied Art History and Social-Cultural Theology at the University of Amsterdam. She worked for almost 13 years for the Dutch Ecumenical Broadcasting company IKON television where she learned the skills and crafts of television and documentary making. At IKON she initiated the award winning youth documentary series Just Kids (aka Mensjesrechten); a series about children’s rights, which is broadcast in several countries around Europe on television and is shown at film festivals around the globe. She now works as a freelance and independent cross media journalist/director. Her interests go out to religion/interreligious conflicts, human and children’s rights and refugees/asylum policies.

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