SHOOOM’S ODYSSEY (L’ODYSSÉE DE CHOUM) Three animated short films for the little ones

Germany, Ireland, France, Belgium, 2020 / 37 min / with little dialogue / Animation

Trois courts-métrages d’animation pour les tout-petits

Three animated short films for the little ones.

We are all searching for something. In these three short films, young viewers will join three different animals on their search for family and loved ones: A bird-of-paradise looking for his soulmate, a whale struggling to find his voice and reunite with his pod, and a young owl on an adventure to find an adoptive mum. Through the eyes of these wandering animals, viewers will discover the world on land, at sea and in the bayou.

The programme consists of the following films:

  • Nest by Sonja Rohleder (DE, 2019 – 4’)
  • The Bird and the Whale by Carol Freeman (IE, 2018 – 7’)
  • Shooom’s Odyssey by Julien Bisaro (FR, BE, 2019 – 26’)


The screenings on 05/03 at 11.00 and on 09/03 at 09.00 unfortunately had to be cancelled.

Sun 07/03 11:00 Cinémathèque FR OV | Free Scolaire
Sun 14/03 16:00 Ciné Utopia FR OV | Free Public


Cast & Credits
Talking Animals, Paper Panther Productions, Picolo Pictures, Bardaf! Productions
Les Grignoux