The Singing Club

Peter Cattaneo

United Kingdom , 2019 / 112 min / English OV with French & German subt. / Drama, Comedy

Carte Blanche Kinepolis

A feel-good story about the first British military wives’ choir that becomes a media sensation.

With their partners away serving in Afghanistan, each day is a struggle for the wives who are left on their own at a military base in England, wondering if they'll ever see their spouses again. Uptight social committee chair Kate tries to organise activities to keep the women's minds off things, but overcoming the daily worries and loneliness is no easy feat. But everything changes for the better when Kate finds an unexpected way to raise their spirits and combat the isolating realities of being an army wife: She discovers that the joy of singing is infectious and persuades a ragtag group of women on the base to form the first ever military wives’ choir. Finding their voice together, the misfit choir defy stuffy military traditions, anti-war protestors and overcome their own personal differences, helping each other to deal with their fears for loved ones in combat. The group of misfit women quickly find themselves at the centre of a media sensation and what started as a small way to spend their time explodes into a global media phenomenon none of them ever could have anticipated.

The story is inspired by the award-winning BBC documentary series The Choir: Military Wives from Twenty Twenty which saw choirmaster Gareth Malone select and train amateur singers to form choirs, sparking a global phenomenon.

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Sat 07/03 19:00 Kinepolis Kirchberg EN OV with FR & DE subt. Public

“There’s a slick, comforting charm underpinning scrappy comedy drama Military Wives, a film that squeezes a well-known true story into the crowd-pleasing packaging of a feelgood Britcom.” Benjamin Lee, The Guardian, 6/09/2019

Military Wives is no laugh riot, but it’s refreshing realism (the women are brash and funny – in short, real) does allow for a few flashes of really good jokes. […] Military Wives nevertheless succeeds in striking a pleasant balance between the frankly inspiring and the refreshingly humble.” Elena Lazic, Cineuropa, 09/09/2019

  • Truly Moving Picture Award, Heartland International Film Festival, 2019 (USA)
Cast & Credits
Kristin Scott Thomas, Sharon Horgan, Jason Flemyng, Greg Wise, Emma Lowndes, Gaby French, Lara Rossi, Amy James-Kelly, India Ria Amarteifio
Rosanne Flynn, Rachel Tunnard
Hubert Taczanowski
Dillon Bennet, Paul Paragon
John Beard
Lorne Balfe
42, Ingenious Media, Tempo Productions
Imagine Film Distribution

Peter Cattaneo was born in London in 1964, and graduated from the Royal College of Art. He made his feature debut with The Full Monty (1997), which won over 30 awards, including an Oscar and four BAFTAs. He then moved into the world of commercials and worked with many famous brands. He directed the features Lucky Break (2001), Opal Dream (2006), and The Rocker (2008), as well as several seasons of TV series like Rev. (2010-2014).

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