Christian Neuman

Luxembourg, Belgium, 2019 / 89 min / English OV with French & Dutch subt. / Drama, Psychological Thriller, Horror

A family’s painful history resurfaces as the past keeps haunting a young woman not ready to face it.

Regine, a psychologically fragile young woman, is hiding away in the city, far from the dark and forbidding countryside of her traumatic childhood. She's struggling to rise above the events of her family’s past, above all, the disastrous home birth of her brother Isaac, which led to her mother's insanity and Isaac's apparent death. When her grandmother is brutally murdered, a crucial question resurfaces: is Isaac still alive, looking for revenge against a family which he feels has rejected him? Driven to heal the wounds of the past, Regine must return to the site of her previous traumas and face her family’s secrets and guilt.

Thu 12/03 19:00 EN OV with FR & NL subt.
Cast & Credits
Amber Anderson, Udo Kier, Jefferson Hall, Luc Schiltz, Luc Feit, Sophie Mousel, Marja-Leena Junker, Nicolas Godard, Sarah Lamesch
Christian Neuman
Amandine Klee
Jeroen Truijens
Philippe Lambrechts
Michel Flammant
Calach Films, Caviar
Tarantula Distribution

Christian Neuman is an independent artist, filmmaker and creative director from Luxembourg producing original work, campaigns and strategies for the fashion and lifestyle industry, as well as art house cinema. He graduated from the London Film School with an M.A. in filmmaking and also holds a B.A. in media design. He lives in Luxembourg and London. Through his production company Focusart, he specialises in producing experimental and art films. Skin Walker (2019) is his first feature.

  • 2019 – Skin Walker
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