Snip, Snap, Snut (Snipp, Snapp, Snut)

Maria Hulterstam, Cecilia Actis

Sweden, 2016 / 45 min / Without words / Clay animation

Three happy ingenious buddies living in a colourful adventurous world.

Follow Snip, Snap and Snut on their adventures in a colourful and imaginative clay world, where ice cream, biscuits and balloons grow on trees. The friends yearn to fly and they invent different ways to achieve their dream. Sometimes they encounter scary and mischievous creatures but no challenge is too big for Snip, Snap and Snut when they put their ideas together.

These stories, while being mostly entertaining, also deal with emotions – anger, frustration, fear and joy – that the young audience can relate to.

Thu 02/03 10:30 Cinémathèque Without words Scolaire
Tue 07/03 09:00 Ciné Utopia Without words Scolaire
Sun 12/03 11:00 Cinémathèque Without words Public
Cast & Credits
Maria Hulterstam, Cecilia Actis
Maria Hulterstam, Cecilia Actis
Martin Hennel
Maria Hulterstam, Cecilia Actis
Oliver Actis
Anagram Film & TV
Svenska Filminstitutet

Maria Hulterstam was born in Linköping (Sweden) in 1976 and studied stage and theater technology in Malmö. She works as a director, animator and currently technician at the Malmö City Theatre. Born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1976, the director and animator Cecilia Actis also studied stage and theatre technology in Malmö. She currently works at the Opera of Copenhagen as a lighting technician. Together they founded dancinganimation, a stop motion company based in Malmö.

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