William Friedkin

USA, 1977 / 121 min / English OV with French subt. / Adventure, Drama, Thriller

William Friedkin Retrospective

Four fugitives from different countries team up to drive a load of nitroglycerine through the South American jungle.

A gangster, a crooked banker, a hitman and a terrorist are stranded and on the run in a small village in South America. Their only chance of escape is to drive two trucks filled with unstable nitroglycerin up a long and rocky mountain road in order to plug an escalating oil refinery blaze. With their deadly cargo likely to explode at the slightest bump, the four men must put aside their differences and work together to survive.


Tue 09/03 13:30 Ciné Utopia EN OV with FR subt. Public
Cast & Credits
Roy Scheider, Bruno Cremer, Francisco Rabal, Amidou, Ramon Bieri, Peter Capell, Karl John
Walon Green, based on the novel “The Wages of Fear” by Georges Arnaud
Dick Bush, John M. Stephens
Charles L. Campbell
John Box
Tangerine Dream
Film Properties International, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures

Born in 1935 in Chicago, William Friedkin started to learn filmmaking on television sets at the age of seventeen. In 1971, he rose to international fame and critical acclaim thanks to the film noir The French Connection, for which he received the Academy Award for Best Director. But he may be best known for The Exorcist (1973), one of the most terrifying films of all time, nominated for 10 Oscars. Besides directing such iconic action thrillers as To Live and Die in L.A. (1985) and Rampage (1988), William Friedkin has also been staging operas since 1998. His productions of Wozzeck, La fanciulla del West, or Samson and Delilah have toured some of the world’s most respected opera houses.

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