Sticky Notes

Amanda Sharp

USA, 2016 / 90 min / English OV / Comedy, Drama


A story about love and loss.

Athena, an emotionally detached backup dancer, returns home to Florida to help care for her estranged father, Jack, after receiving a drunk call from him one night telling her he was diagnosed with cancer. But when the chance of a lifetime comes up, she feels she cannot pass up the opportunity.


“Amanda Sharp’s directorial debut is a tender and heartfelt drama, concerned with the fractured relationship between a young woman and her father. Featuring outstanding performances in the lead roles by Rose Leslie and Ray Liotta, “Sticky Notes” marks the arrival of a real and compelling new voice in American indie cinema.” John Parker,, 27/06/2016

“In Leslie's meatiest role to date, the erstwhile “Game of Thrones” star shoulders the bulk of the movie and makes the more clichéd aspects of the character believable. Liotta's performance is his best in years, a stark reminder of what he's capable of when given something to dig his teeth into. It's a character we've seen before – the charming but infuriating father figure – but Liotta finds pathos and humour in the role.” Adam, 21/07/2016

Cast & Credits
Ray Liotta, Rose Leslie, Gina Rodriguez, Carmen Tonry, Justin Bartha, Terese Aiello
Amanda Sharp
Alex Disenhof
Ari Balouzian, Ryan M. Price
Brandon Tonner-Connolly
Nathan Halpern
Mustard & Co, H3 Films, East 2 West Entertainment

Amanda Sharp has paid her dues as a screenwriter for such powerhouses as Paramount Studios and CBS Films before making the transition from page to screen. A keen observer of human emotion, Amanda has lent her unique vision to bring to life a deeply personal story in “Sticky Notes”, her directorial debut. (Edinburgh International Film Festival).

  • 2016 - Sticky Notes