Theo and the Metamorphosis

Damien Odoul

France, 2021 / 96 min / OV French with Dutch subt. / Drama

LuxFilmLab – February 9th 2022 - In the presence of the director

In a remote house in the forest, Théo, a young man with Down’s syndrome, lives in seclusion with his father who is a photographer. The two get along in their daily lives without talking much. Théo loves nature and draws a lot. Every day he spends his energy training his body, his balance, his reflexes and his inner strength because he wants to become a samurai. When his father goes away for a few days for an exhibition, Théo decides to start a new life.

“The protagonist’s connection to nature, to other people, his identity and his desires unfold in a flood of impressions and experiences, and the days alone in the forest become a journey of self-discovery and self-determination.”

Wed 09/02 19:30 Ciné Utopia OV FR with NL subt. Public

In a “multiworld” characterised by endless transformations, Theo and the Metamorphosis juggles its many elements, keeping pace with the main character’s chaotically joyous energy, against a backdrop of cryptic references to Asian spirituality.  The film is an extraordinary poem probing the unconscious mind, the coherence of which is a veritable tour de force, and it isn’t lacking in humour either." - Fabien Lemercier, Cineuropa, 05/03/2021

"Théo Kermel gives a bold, daring performance." ; “(…) “There are moments of true beauty and pathos.” - Oliver Johnston, The Upcoming, 05/03/2021

  • Grand Prix, International Competition, New Horizons International Film Festival, 2021 (Poland)
  • Selection, Panorama Section, Berlinale, 2021 (Germany)
  • Official Selection, Euphoria of Isolation Section, Moscow International Film Festival, 2021 (Russia)
  • Official Selection, Atlas Section, FICUNAM, 2021 (Mexico
  • Official Selection, International Competition, Geneva International Film Festival, 2021 (Switzerland)
  • Official Selection, Nuove Visioni Section, Sicilian Queer Film Festival, 2021 (Italy)
  • Official Selection, Ici et Ailleurs Section, The Festival La Rochelle Cinéma, 2021 (France)
Cast & Credits
Théo Kermel, Pierre Meunier, Ayumi Roux, Louise Morin, Élia Sulem, Sonia Gondry, Vanda Tilseein, Olaf Oldinski, Ethan Dabo
Damien Odoul
Damien Odoul, Sylvain Rodriguez
Anne Destival
Frédéric Dabo
Sébastien Chauvet
Bord Cadre films, Wild bunch, Same player, Transpalux, ABS Productions, Freestudios

Damien Odoul is a French director born in 1968. He made his debut feature film, Morasseix, when he was just 24 and has so far directed nine features, nine shorts and four documentaries. His second feature, Deep Breath, won the Cinema of the Present – Special Jury Award and a FIPRESCI Prize at the Venice International Film Festival. His films have met with success at festivals including Cannes, Toronto and Locarno and have won many awards. Since 2004, he has also been a poet. In 2017, he published “Résurrection permanente d’un cinéaste amoureux”, an illustrated art book about his work as a filmmaker.


  • 2021 - Théo et les métamorphoses (Theo and The Metamorphosis)
  • 2014 - La peur (The Fear)
  • 2012 - La richesse du loup (Rich is the Wolf
  • 2011 - Le reste du monde (The Rest of the World)
  • 2006 - L’histoire de Richard O. (The Story of Richard O.)
  • 2003 - En attendant le déluge (In Waiting for the Flood)
  • 2002 - Errance (Wandering)
  • 2001 - Le souffle (Deep Breath)
  • 1992 - Morasseix