Sarah Marx

France, Ukraine, 2018 / 85 min / French OV with English subt. (FR OV with EN subt.) / Drama

Carte Blanche Orange Luxembourg
Director, Sarah Marx and producer, Ekoué Labitey,will be in attendance

A young ex-convict finds his newfound freedom far harder than life in prison.

Fresh out of jail, Ulysse has only one idea in mind: making money. Confronted by his depressed mother, Gabrielle, the bills that never stop piling up and his desire to live his life to the fullest, he comes up with a plan. With his best friend, David, he’ll travel from rave to rave, selling a mixture of water and ketamine from their food truck. Together, they hit the road but little by little, Ulysse sees his project crashing down. He will hold on only enough to keep breathing, until the end.

L’EnKas is not a good-versus-evil movie, nor a moralistic movie. I’m drawn to simple people, who fall, get hurt, get back up again, contradict themselves and have their own reasons.” Director’s statement by Sarah Marx


Wed 13/03 19:00 Ciné Utopia FR OV with EN subt. Public

"Where most films of this ilk are driven by aggression, Marx instead pushes hers forward with a mix of melancholy, quiet desperation and futility." Amber Wilkinson, Eye for Film, 31/08/2018

“Funtek […] is a magnetic performer. Most famous internationally for playing the gay friend of the lesbian lead in Palme d’Or winner Blue Is the Warmest Color, the dark-haired actor imbues Ulysse with a convincing can-do, always-push-ahead attitude, which helps to give the pic a forward momentum even in its more predictable moments.” Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter, 30/08/2018

“French director Sarah Marx is one of the best filmmakers to be unearthed at this year’s Venice Film Festival. Her debut film Truk, screened in the Orizzonti section, cleverly takes prison drama clichés and unravels them by juxtaposing the world behind bars with the harsh realities of life in unusual and fresh ways. […] As a plot point, selling drugs in a club delivers plenty of action and foreboding, but Marx manages to spin it on its head by asking challenging and pertinent questions about how drugs are used in society. […] Wherever Marx turns her gaze, she manages to imbue seemingly black and white storylines with a purple haze.  It’s unusual to see a film pitched at teenagers in a drug setting succeed so strongly in asking challenging questions about society, with no easy answers. Given that Marx will likely only get better technically with more experience and larger budgets, it looks like Venice has unearthed a great new talent.” Kaleem Aftav, Cineuropa, 7/09/2018

Cast & Credits
Sandor Funtek, Sandrine Bonnaire, Alexis Manenti, Lauréna Thellier, Virginie Acariès
Sarah Marx, Ékoué Labitey, Hamé Bourokba
Yoan Cart
Jean-Christophe Lion
Alexis Segura
Lucien Papalu
La Rumeur Filme
Les Films du Cercle, Orange Studio
Orange Studio

Sarah Marx is a French director and technician. After obtaining a Master's degree in history and geopolitics, Sarah Marx built up her experience in the screen sector in France and the United States by working on advertising projects, documentaries, and viral videos as an assistant cameraman and electrician. She also directed pop culture pieces for Street Live. In 2006, she made her first music video for Tido Berman. She went on to direct a further dozen music videos for artists including Yazou, Sexion d'Assaut, OGB and Isleym. In 2011, Sarah Marx was 2nd Team Operator on Brassens, la mauvaise reputation (2011). Her first short film as a director, Fatum (2012), was selected for several international festivals. The Truk (2018), her first feature film, was born from her experiences running a daily theatre workshop in the prison of Nanterre.

  • 2018 – L’EnKas
  • 2012 – Fatum (short)