Andrea Love, Phoebe Wahl

United States, 2020 / 9 min / French version (FR) / Animation

Part of the short film collection Jardins Enchantés !

Tulip, a one-inch tall girl born in a flower, decides to explore the wonderful garden that surrounds her house, despite her mother's warnings

Tulip is a little girl who was born from a flower in an old lady’s garden. The old lady loves Tulip and welcomes her into her home, but she is worried about letting Tulip go outside – she is so small! What if she gets lost? As Tulip grows older, she is more and more fascinated with the outside world. One night, Tulip decides to sneak out and explore… after all, she will be back by morning! But things don’t go quite as planned… The garden is like a giant forest to tiny Tulip. In her quest to find her way back home, Tulip meets many creatures, some kinder and more helpful than others.


« The stop-motion animation features felt and needle-felted wool sets that are as magical as the story. Both are co-directors and bring their own creative talents to the film. Andrea has fabricated the elements of the film and is animating it while Phoebe is the lead set and character designer in addition to the scriptwriter.” Sara Barnes, Brown Paper Bag, 18/02/2020

Tulip is a fantasy short film adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s Thumbelina. The beautiful animation in the film has a high degree of expressiveness with exceptional finesse, which is a result of the complete mastery of wool, the primary material of puppets and sets, contributing to the film’s richness and delicacy”. Hideki Nagaishi, Animation Week, 18/06/2021

  • Audience Winner, New York International Children’s Film Festival, 2020 (United States)
  • Audience Winner, Milwaukee Film Festival, 2020 (United States)
Cast & Credits
Christopher Flockton, Eric Love, Yuvraj Sathe, Dorothy Stanley, Mariya Ballou, Hayden Eric
based on the book “Thumbelina” by Hans Christian Anderson
Andrea Love, Phoebe Wahl
Andrea Love, Phoebe Wahl
Andrea Love, Phoebe Wahl
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Andrea Love is a stop-motion animator based in Port Townsend, Washington. She runs a full service stop motion studio from her basement, where she creates worlds primarily out of needle felted wool. She is co-directing Tulip, as well as heading up fabrication and animation. Andrea has made several short films, which have screened at festivals including Tribeca Film Festival and LA Shorts Fest, and her wool fiber animations have millions of views worldwide. It is Andrea’s mission to enhance people’s perception of what can be done with wool and help shepherd the art form into the digital age.

Phoebe Wahl is an award-winning children’s book author, illustrator and surface designer based in Bellingham, Washington. Her books include Sonya’s Chickens (Tundra Books), Backyard Fairies (Knopf), Paper Mice (Simon & Schuster, written by Megan Wagner Lloyd) and the forthcoming The Blue House (Knopf). Phoebe is the co-director of Tulip, and is the lead set and character designer and script writer. Phoebe has a deep love of both classic children’s literature, nature, and tiny things, all of which came together as the ultimate trifecta to develop Tulip.

At its root, it’s a story about belonging, and finding out who you are. The original Thumbelina has always raised so many questions for me, as a reader. I’ve always loved its rich, beautiful imagery, but have often wanted more from the plot. Many of the story’s themes revolve around marriageability even though Thumbelina is supposed to be a young child. I was always so sad that she was never reunited with her mother again. I wanted to create a version of the storyin which Tulip is given a little more curiosity and agency in leaving her mother’s house, where she’s free from the marriage plots, and able to not only find a sense of belonging amongst the fairies, but also return to a life with her mother as wellWords from the director, Andrea Love

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