Tutti a casa - Power to the people?

Lise Birk Pedersen

Denmark, Norway, Italy, 2017 / 90 min / Italian OV with EN subtitles / Documentary

In collaboration with TAGEBLATT

The rise of populism in Italy.

In many Western democracies, the people’s trust in politicians is declining and populist movements are on the rise. In spring 2013, in an Italy marred by years of a dysfunctional Berlusconi government, comedian Beppe Grillo’s protest movement “Movimento 5 Stelle” vows to send all politicians home and bring the people to power. They win a stunning 25% of the vote to become the single largest party in Italy, and send 163 ordinary people into Parliament. But what happens when political ideals meet parliamentary reality? Can you be uncompromising and democratic at the same time? And are Internet referendums on the party leader’s blog direct democracy or faceless mob rule?


Through unique behind the scenes access, “Tutti a casa – Power to the People?” offers an intimate portrait of four senators and Movimento's first years in politics.

Sun 05/03 19:00 Ciné Utopia IT OV with EN sub. Public
Fri 10/03 21:00 Ciné Utopia IT OV with EN sub. Public
Cast & Credits
Thomas Løberg, Riccardo Cremona
Peter Albrechtsen, Bent Holm
Karsten Fundal
Magic Hour Films
Piraya Film, Mouka Filmi
Autlook Filmsales

Lise Birk Pedersen is a Danish documentary filmmaker born in 1974. She is a graduate in documentary filmmaking at the National Film School of Denmark. She is behind a long line of documentaries, among others the Danish TV series “Familien Jensen” (2005) and “Dear God” (2006) about a Jerusalem post office. Her first full-length documentary, “Putin’s Kiss” (2011) has been shown at festivals worldwide, won an award at Sundance in 2012, as well as the Danish Bodil Award for Best Documentary.

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