Chris Martin

United Kingdom, 2018 / 93 min / English OV with partial English subt. / Documentary

Ciné-ONU, in collaboration with the Association Luxembourgeoise pour les Nations Unies (ALNU)

Speakers : François Large - Caritas Luxembourg, Andrea Cairola, Programme Specialist in the Division for Freedom of Expression and Media Development, Communication and Information (CI) Sector, UNESCO, André Rollinger, president of ALNU

In February 2012, two journalists entered war-ravaged Syria. One of them was celebrated war correspondent, Marie Colvin. The other was photographer, Paul Conroy. Their aim was to cover the plight of Syrian civilians trapped in Homs, a city under siege and relentless military attack from the Syrian army. Only one of them returned. Under the Wire tells the incredible story of Colvin’s and Conroy’s fateful assignment – and Conroy’s epic battle to escape the city, to tell the world of his fallen colleague and the suffering of the people of Homs. It’s a film about real journalism, about war, and an extraordinary woman’s commitment to telling the truth, whatever the cost.

Marie Colvin died doing what she had spent her whole life doing: trying to give voice to the powerless, putting her life on the line to save others. Countless other, less famous, journalists across the world strive to do the same on a daily basis. This film is a celebration not just of Marie and Paul, but of all of them as well. I only hope I have done it justice.” Chris Martin, director of Under the Wire


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Sun 10/03 14:00 Ciné Utopia EN OV with partial EN subt. Public

“Conroy, predictably, is the doc's biggest asset. Not only was he there for the whole saga (other interviewees arrived later, or observed from back in London newsrooms), but he brings an image-maker's perspective to the storytelling. In his charismatic Liverpudlian accent, he recalls physical details that bring many pieces of the narrative to life.” John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter, 15/11/2018

“Christopher Martin’s film is an urgent documentary version of Under the Wire, the memoir published by war photographer Paul Conroy. […] Conroy is a terrific interviewee: smart, funny, unsentimental and a great raconteur. His talking-head moments work very well with the terrifying footage he shot. As ever with war journalism, the objection is that it creates an undifferentiated, apolitical spectacle of horror in which only the names of the countries and cities change, and I sometimes felt myself growing restive. But Conroy’s argument is that we have to bear witness to human suffering, that this will always be valid, because this suffering is always in danger of being covered up by politicians.” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 7/09/2018

“The photographer, who survived the bombing that killed Colvin, talks of her as a journalist who was fierce in her ownership and pursuit of a story, but didn’t want to be the story. It is fitting, then, that this picture is as much about the innocent Syrian people caught up in the slaughter as it is about the journalists reporting the story.” Wendy Ide, The Guardian, 9/09/2018

“Knowing the tragic fate of war correspondent Marie Colvin and photographer Paul Conroy does nothing to diminish the impact of Under the Wire. Christopher Martin’s documentary adaptation of Conroy’s book is a powerful, humbling salute to a breed of fearless figures willing to risk their lives as they bear witness to history’s unfolding horrors. […] Martin has two of the essential elements for a gripping documentary; eloquent survivor’s testimony from the gruffly charismatic Conroy and extensive footage of the events he endured. Placed side by side they make for an intense, enthralling immersion in front page news.” Allan Hunter, Screen Daily, 10/06/2018

“The film is chilling but inspiring. We get an impression of Colvin’s dogged approach to her journalism – her tenacity, her ruthlessness when it came to protecting her patch and her compassion for her subjects. Other journalists would desert the Syrians under siege or see their plight as simply as a way they could make money. Colvin, who had lost an eye while reporting on conflict in Sri Lanka a decade before, earned their trust. She refused to leave.” Geoffrey McNab, The Independent, 6/09/2018

  • Phoenix Award, Film Festival Cologne, 2018 (Germany)
Cast & Credits
Paul Conroy, Wa’el, Marie Colvin, Edith Bouvier, William Daniels, Anne Wittman, Julian Lewis Jones, Ziad Abaza, Janine Birkett, Karine Myriam Lapouble, Nathan Dean Williams
Chris Martin, based on the book Under the Wire: Marie Colvin’s Final Assignment by Paul Conroy
Steve Organ
Doug Dreger, Sean Poe
Bobbie Cousins, Aziz Rafiq, Ouassel El Kilali
Glenn Gregory, Berenice Scott
Arrow Media

Chris Martin is a British director and producer. He began his career working for Britain’s Channel 4’s Dispatches and ITV’s World In Action, leading undercover investigations specialising in the arms trade. His collaboration on The Torture Trail (1995) exposed the UK’s role in the export of torture equipment, and won Amnesty International and Royal Television Society awards, as well as contributing to changes in EU export licensing policy. He went on to become a producer for the Mark Thomas Comedy Product, a cult Channel 4 series that specialised in combining satirical stunts and investigations. He has produced and directed a number of films with journalist John Pilger, including films on Iraq, Palestine, the war on terror and the Chagos Islanders. These films won numerous international awards, and were nominated for three separate BAFTAs. Chris Martin has produced and directed documentaries and drama docs for all the major UK and US networks. Under the Wire (2018) is his first solo feature doc.

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