, 2019 / min / / Virtual Reality

Organisation & Coordination: Film Fund Luxembourg

In cooperation with: Phi Centre Montreal

In partnership with: Digital Luxembourg

Venue: Festival Headquarters, Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain

Building on the success of the last two editions, the Festival’s Virtual Reality Pavilion at Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain returns this year with a bigger and bolder programme. Multiple viewing stations in different locations, including the Casino’s mythical basement, will showcase some of the most groundbreaking and inventive works the international VR scene currently has to offer; from award-winning films to stunning immersive experiences. The second edition of “VR Day”, an industry event with panel discussions bringing together renowned national and international VR experts, will shed light on some of the opportunities and challenges faced by VR creators and distributors today.

The VR Pavilion is organised by Film Fund Luxembourg in partnership with Centre Phi, Montréal, and will be open to the public from 6 March until 17 March.

Entry to the VR Pavilion and its related events is free, subject to availability.


Arden’s Wake Tide's Fall, Eugene YK Chung, Jimmy Maidens, Animated VR Film, 2017, 29'

Battlescar, Nico Casavecchia & Martin Allais, Animated VR Film, 2018, 9’

The Coast, Interactive VR Music video, 2018, 4’

Fan Club, Vincent Ravalec, VR Thriller, 2018, 55’

Kobold & Kobold - Experience, Max Sacker, VR Experience, 2018, 15' & 20-35’

Playmobil - The Movie VR Adventures, Olivier Rakoto, VR Experience, 2019, 5’

The Real Thing, Benoit Felici, VR Documentary, 2018, 16’

The Scream, Sandra Paugam & Charles Ayats, VR Documentary Experience, 15'

Vestige, Aaron Bradbury, VR Experience, 2018, 13’

Wolves in the Walls: Chapter 1, Pete Billington, Animated VR Experience, 2018, 9’


The Virtual Reality Pavilion mostly operates a walk-in system, on a first come, first served basis. For additional information about the individual films and the screening times, please consult the Virtual Reality Pavilion programme brochure. 

Age restrictions & health warnings

The use of VR headsets is not recommended for children under the age of 13. This age restriction is imposed by VR headset manufacturers.It is recommended that pregnant women, seniors, and individuals suffering from mental illnesses, epilepsy, binocular vision anomalies, heart disease or other serious illnesses consult a doctor before using a VR headset. The use of VR headsets may cause motion sickness in some users.