The Way to Happiness

Nicolas Steil

Luxembourg, Belgium, France , 2021 / 115 min / VO French with English subtitles / Comedy, Drama


A survivor tries to rebuild himself years after being separated from his parents as a child during the Holocaust.


Saül Birnbaum is a “hidden child”, who, at the age of six, was separated from his parents to escape the Holocaust. He was sent away by the so-called “Kindertransport”. In 1986, Saül is on the path to recovery: he has opened a delicatessen unlike any other, where movies are shown every day. Saül and his protégé, Joakin, a young Chilean director who fled from Pinochet’s dictatorship, decide to write the story of Saül’s childhood and turn it into a film, allowing both of them to “heal” just a little more. However, love comes knocking on Saül’s door, forcing him to confront his past.

Sun 06/03 19:00 Kinepolis Kirchberg OV FR with EN sbtl. Public
Cast & Credits
Simon Abkarian, Pascale Arbillot, Django Schrevens, André Jung, Michel Vuillermoz, Eric Caravaca, Helena Noguerra, Lenny Gaggioli, Amos Suchecki, Roxane Duran, Raoul Schlechter, Tania Garbarski, Nathalie Laroche, Mathilda May, Brigitte Fossey
Michel Fessler, Henri Roanne-Rosenblatt, Nicolas Steil (D’après le roman Le Cinéma de Saul Birnbaum de Henri Roanne-Rosenblatt)
Pierre Milon
Nicolas Leroy, Michel Schillings, Laora Bardos
Hérald Najar
Kyan Bayani
Iris Productions, Iris Films, Tu Vas Voir
Belga Productions, RTBF et BeTV
Iris Productions, Rezo Films

Nicolas Steil launched his professional career in the 1980’s as a print journalist. He carries out numerous field reports, particularly in Lebanon, which encourage him to become a television reporter. Thus, in 1983, he starts working for RTL TV, first as a reporter and later as television news presenter. He goes on to become director and producer of documentaries. In 1986, he starts his own production company, IRIS PRODUCTIONS, by which he produces and directs documentaries, television programmes, as well as advertising films before moving towards the movies with the production of fictional feature and animation films, as well as documentaries. Over the years, the Iris Group has grown with subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany and France through Rezo Films. Nicolas Steil has now produced and co-produced over fifty films. 

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