Raško Miljković

Serbia, Macedonia, 2018 / 86 min / German version (DE) / adventure, drama, family

A young disabled boy gets a new lease of life.

Ten-year-old Jovan feels invisible. Shy, self-conscious and lonely, he escapes from his cerebral palsy into a fantasy world of crimefighting superheroes where he can be, and do anything, he wants. Everything changes when a new girl arrives in his class and chooses to sit next to him. Bit by bit, the fearless Milica tears down the wall that Jovan has built around himself, and enlists his help in a real-life adventure – to free her father from the clutches of his new girlfriend, a green juice swilling, black-salt eating witch! The mission offers Jovan a reality beyond anything he could have imagined, but in order to become a true hero, Jovan first has to learn to accept himself for who he is.

The Witch Hunters is an honest portrayal of struggle and acceptance, and how true friendship can lead to undiscovered inner strength.” Toronto International Film Festival


“Serbian filmmaker Raško Miljković's first feature film, The Witch Hunters, is an impressively accomplished work, especially for a debutant. This children's film is one of those rare offerings from Balkan cinema that is both engaging for kids and fun enough for parents, with a definite artistic streak and an exciting adventure story to boot. […] The Witch Hunters is a meticulously designed and well thought-out concept, carefully but not heavy-handedly directed and benefitting from the kids' performances.” Vladan Petkovic, Cineuropa, 31/05/2018

  • Young People's Jury Award for Best Feature Film, Toronto International Film Festival Kids, 2018 (Canada)
  • Best Feature Film for Children and CIFEJ Prize, DYTIATKO International Children's TV Festival, 2018 (Ukraine)
  • Best Actress Award, Prishtina International Film Festival, 2018 (Kosovo)
  • City of Zlín Award for Best Children Performance in a Feature Film for Children, Zlín International Film Festival, 2018 (Czech Republic)
  • Audience Award for Best Actor and Special Jury Award for Best Kids Performance, Filmski Susreti Nis, 2018 (Serbia)
  • Special Mention – Best Script, Dunav Film Fest Smederevo, 2018 (Serbia)
  • Best Feature Film for Children and CIFEJ Prize, DYTIATKO International Children’s TV Festival, 2018 (Ukraine)
  • European Children's Film Association Award, Kino Dzieci Kids Film Festival, 2018 (Poland)
Cast & Credits
Mihajlo Milavić, Silma Mahmuti, Jelena Đokić, Bojan Žirović, Dubravka Kovjanić, Jelena Jovanova, Olga Odanović, Milutin Milošević, Stela Cetković
Marko Manojlović, Miloš Krečković, based on the book “O dugmetu i sreći” by Jasminka Petrović
Mikša Andjelić
Aleksandar Protić, Dane Vlaisavljević
Aljosa Spajić
Nevena Glušica
Akcija Produkcija, This and That Productions
Dream Factory
Pluto Film

Raško Miljković was born in Belgrade in 1991 and graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts of the University of Arts in Belgrade. Before shooting The Witch Hunters (2018), his first feature film, he worked as assistant director on several projects and directed a couple of short films, including Takes Three for a Murder (2014), Save (2015), and Kris (2017). He has also worked as lecturer at Basta Fest and Cinema City in Serbia, and has made dozens of commercials along with videos for Serbian bands S.A.R.S, Went, Kanda, Kodza, Nebojsa, Nezni Dalibor, and many others.

  • 2018 – Zlogonje
  • 2017 – Kris (short)
  • 2015 – Save (short)
  • 2014 – Takes Three for a Murder (short)