Myriam T., Julien Becker

Luxembourg, Germany, 2021 / 85 min / Luxembourgish, German & French OV with French subt. / Docu-Fiction

A fictional story about the annihilation of an entire country, Luxembourg, in a nuclear disaster.

"Nuclear disaster." The words refer to Chernobyl, Fukushima. Each time, a portion of land is irradiated, contaminated and then evacuated. The worst, however, has not yet happened: the loss of an entire state. An entire economy. A whole culture, a language spoken only there. A reactor overheats, then explodes... and an entire state becomes a no-man's land. Literally evacuated from all its inhabitants, country of no one no more. This country is Luxembourg, threatened since 1986 by a French nuclear power plant located just beyond its borders: Cattenom. The third most powerful power plant in France, tenth in the world. Obstinately kept in operation by France despite a disturbingly long list of accidents. Where Denmark has secured the closure of the Swedish which threatened Copenhagen, Luxembourg seems helpless faced with the spectre of its own disappearance.


Sun 07/03 19:00 Kinepolis Kirchberg LU, DE & FR OV with FR subt. Public
Mon 08/03 10:00 Online LU, DE & FR OV with FR subt. Public
Cast & Credits
Luc Schiltz, Fabienne Hollwege, Sophie Mousel, Joël Delsaut
Jean Huot, Jonathan Becker, Myriam T.
Amandine Klee
Carlo Thoss
Julieta Fernández
Nicolas Becker, Quentin Sirjacq
Skill Lab, NDR
Skill Lab

Among the first to have freed animation in documentary filmmaking from its mere illustration role, Myriam T. scrutinises the usual "truths" that remain unquestioned in our daily routines by comfort or habit in her docu-fiction film since 1993.


Julien Becker was born in Luxembourg in 1979. He studied photography and co-founded the production company Skill Lab with Gwenael François in 2010. After directing several commercials, he wrote and directed his first short 22:22 in 2013. Besides being selected in many festivals, 22:22 won the Best Luxembourgish Short Award in 2014. In 2018 he directed Article 19-42, Skill Lab’s second short film project. The short film is now available on the sci-fi channel DUST.

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