Idriss Gabel is a Belgian editor and director of French descent. Since a very early age, he held a passion for cinema. During his studies, he taught himself how to edit films and was discovered early on by Belgian director Thierry Michel who made him his go-to editor. Gabel joins Michel on several shoots in the Congo and contributes to over ten of his films as an editor. Thanks to these experiences, he discovers his talent for directing and a particular quality to capture the point of view of his films’ protagonists. His work as a filmmaker is inspired by his family’s migrant background and by his brother’s Down’s syndrome. Thus, his two first short films, Handicap toi-même ! (2014) and Snoezelen, un monde en quête de sens (2015), deal with disabled children. His first feature documentary, Kolwezi on Air (2016) chronicling the efforts of a local television news team in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, screened at many international film festivals. I Used to Like the Sea (2018) is his fourth film and second feature.

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