Olivier Crouzel’s practice merges contemporary art and documentary, mixing videos, photographs and installations. He uses video projection as a broadcasting device: the micro becomes macro and the invisible, visible.  He questions the evolution of landscapes, places and people. His work has been included at the Montrouge Contemporary Art Fair, at the Nuit de l'instant in Marseille, at the PanOramas Biennale in Bordeaux, at the Nuit Blanche in Paris, at the National Museum of Prehistory of the Eyzies, at Night Blanche de Metz, at the Biomuseo of Panama City

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Europa Film Festivals and Europa International signed a document to strengthen the relationships between festivals and international sales agents

Europa International (the European organisation for sales agents) and Europa Film Festivals (a network of 12 festivals with LuxFilmFest as a member) signed and unveiled two documents at the last... → More

Young Audience Award Jury (12-14 years old)

YOUNG AUDIENCE AWARD SAVE THE DATE ! 12/11/2022 Luxembourg City Film Festival hosts for the 7th time the YOUNG AUDIENCE FILM DAY organised by the European Film Academy. The event... → More

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We are looking for motivated new members for our team for the next Luxfilmfest. Are you a motivated, dynamic and organised film lover and have always dreamt of working for... → More